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Vendor Hall

All vendors boutiques will be located on the second floor of RIM Park in Forbes Hall. Vendors will be on site selling a range of volleyball products including clothing, court shoes, volleyballs, accessories, and jewelry.

Please note that the OVA and RIM Park are not responsible for any lost or stolen belongings. Please ensure that your belongings are gathered from the vendor hall prior to the closing of the vendor hall. Tables and chairs in the hall cannot be reserved.


8:30am-9:00pm on Day 1 & 2 of competition
8:30am-4:00pm on Day 3 of each event.

Note: The vendor hall will be locked at 9:00PM nightly. Please do not leave any items behind as they will be locked in overnight or placed out in the hall in front of the vendor hall.

Interested in becoming a vendor?

If you would like to be at Ontario Championships as a vendor, please complete the Vendor Application Form  or contact:

Chery Bennett

Membership Services Coordinator

Phone: 4164267132