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RIM Park

RIM Park

RIM Park Venue Info

RIM Park is a familiar face for the 2022 Ontario Championships and will have 24 courts in play.  This location will be hosting 4v4 Girls, TNS Boys and Girls, 15U Girls, 16U Boys and Girls, 17U Boys and 18U Boys and Girls.  

Mailing Address: 2001 University Ave E, Waterloo, ON, N2K 4K4

EVENT HOTLINE: 519-886-3934

Headquarters: Room 206


  1. Crock pots, hot plates and “buffet tables” are not allowed to be set up and used. Teams are allowed to bring “brown bag” lunches into all facilities. Participants are encouraged to use the public spaces outside of the playing areas and designated team seating areas to feed their teams.  Coolers, small appliances and outside tables are not permitted to be brought into any venue. If these items are found, security will ask you to remove them. If they are not removed, they will be confiscated by security. Please do not bring them into the competition venues. Remember to always clean up after yourselves.
  2. Tables in Forbes Hall are not reserved table space. After your team has finished eating, please remove your belongings. Unattended bags that are left on tables without team’s present will be moved off to create space for other teams. Please be considerate of the space at RIM Park, as well as other teams.
  3. Forbes Hall is locked at 9pm on the first 2 days of competition and 4:00pm on playoff days. All personal belongings must be removed from Forbes hall by these times each day. Any unattended items will be removed from Forbes Hall and placed along the hallway walls outside of Forbes Hall when the doors are locked for the day. If any items are still not picked up at the end of each competition day, they will be turned into lost and found at Customer Service.  The OVA and RIM Park do not take responsibility for any lost or stolen items.
  4. The OVA and RIM Park are not responsible for lost or stolen personal items. Remember to always take your personal belongings with you and do not leave anything unattended. 
  5. Lost and Found - All lost and found items will be turned into Customer Service in RIM Park. Nothing will be stored in the event office. 
  6. All areas of RIM Park  are still open to the public and therefore, we ask teams to be respectful of the space and not to meet in the hallways in order to keep them clear for other people. Please ensure your teams are not blocking any walking spaces by leaving their bags or team equipment in open spaces. RIM Park has taped down boxes on approved areas that teams can sit in hallways if they are looking for space outside of Forbes Hall. 
RIM Park Court Map


A map of evacuation routes will be displayed at the facility. Each map will show the way to an exit, depending on where people are located in the building. It will be the responsibility of the first-line supervisor to inform employees of these evacuation routes.

There are four emergency gathering points:
1. Furthest curb line in front of building (South)
2. Opposite side of driveway, by outdoor soccer fields (East),
3. Side walk on Millennium furthest from building (North/East)
4. Side walk on Millennium furthest from building (North West

Paramount Fine Foods Centre

Paramount Fine Foods Centre Venue Info

Paramount Fine Foods Centre is a brand-new location for 2022 Championships! Twelve courts will be in action in the indoor soccer pitch which is located in Building C/the Sportsplex. This location will be hosting the 17U Girls, 4v4 Boys and Girls, 6v6 Boys and Girls, and 15U Boys.  

Mailing Address: 5600 Rose Cherry Pl, Mississauga, ON L4Z 4B6

Event Hotline: 647-467-5514

Headquarters: Gym 2


The Paramount Fine Foods Centre is committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable entertainment experience for all fans. The Region of Peel with City of Mississauga staff and bylaw enforcement will be implementing the Smoke-Free Ontario Act legislation at Paramount Fine Foods Centre.

  1. The legislation prohibits cannabis smoking (both recreational and medicinal), as well as vaping, in areas where tobacco smoking is already prohibited.  This currently includes enclosed public places, enclosed workplaces, children’s playgrounds and public areas 20 meters of playgrounds, sporting areas owned by a municipality (excluding golf courses), adjacent spectator areas, school property, and public areas within 20 meters of these places.
  1. The legislation prohibits smoking (cannabis & tobacco) and vaping specifically in:
    • The outdoor grounds of community recreational facilities and public areas within 20 meters of the grounds, including parking lots, loading docks, and building entrances.
    • Public areas within 20 meters of the perimeter of elementary or secondary school grounds
    • Public areas within 9 meters of restaurant and bar patios

Details of the legislation can be found here  Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 2017 (SFOA, 2017)

What does this mean for guests at Paramount Fine Foods Centre?
It is prohibited to smoke on the Paramount Fine Foods Centre property, this includes the parking lots surrounding the facility.

No Outside Food Allowed 

To respect the facility’s partnership with Paramount Fine Foods, the Paramount Fine Foods Centre asks that no outside food and beverage is brought into the facility (Athlete beverages are acceptable). This includes the use of cooking appliances inside and outside of the facility. We thank you for understanding and compliance. If cooking appliances are found in the building, they will be confiscated. 

Paramount Food Services Hours

Location Monday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday Sunday/Tuesday
Satellite Concession 6:30am-8:00pm 6:30am-5:00pm
Main Concession 9:00am-9:00pm 9:00am-5:00pm


Please note:  UPDATE: For event 2 and 3, only the main concession stand will be operating.


The mustering points for emergency evacuations are the back of the parking lots as far away from the building as possible. Please see the PFFC Safety Manual for full procedure.

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