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Where are the Venues?

Venue 1: RIM Park Manulife Sportsplex 

For directions, please click here.

Venue 2: Gryphon Athletic Center - University of Guelph  

For directions, click here

RIM Park Floor plan 2019

Court Map (Click to Enlarge)

University of Guelph Floor plan 2019

Court Map (Click to Enlarge)

More about the venue:


Facility regulations apply to RIM Park, University of Guelph and Conestoga College locations unless otherwise specified.

  • Please be respectful of all spaces at RIM Park by not leaving belongings on the floor or in traffic areas.
  • Team space is to be shared and not reserved.
  • Hot plates, slow cookers and other electrical appliances are not permitted at RIM Park. Such items will be confiscated by RIM staff.
  • Running, peppering and warming up in the halls is not permitted. Designated warm-up areas are located throughout the facility. If a ball strikes a sprinkler head, the sprinkler will activate, the fire alarm will sound, and the facility must be evacuated.
  • UofG Warm-Up Track: Half of the 2nd floor running track (overlooking courts #31 - #33) will be sanctioned off as a designated team warmup area (no volleyballs allowed)


NEW THIS YEAR – We will be offering a free shuttle bus service for those using overflow parking. Pickup is at the west entrance of RIM Park. Shuttle bus service will operate non-stop:

Friday 12:00pm to 9:30pm
Saturday 9:30am to 9:30pm
Sunday 9:00am to 5:00pm


Please do not park in fire routes or no parking zones – Bylaw officers are ticketing and towing cars parked in fire zones – no exceptions. The overflow parking lots are a five minute walk to RIM Park and a free shuttle service is provided. Save yourself a ticket and towing charges by using these lots. The OVA and RIM Park are not responsible for any charges incurred for parking violations.


RIM Park is setting up new concession stands to offer healthier food options for participants.

Updated RIM Park Food Services Map coming soon.