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Health and Safety - COVID-19

March 12, 2020 - Exhibition Place follows the protocols developed by the Medical Officer of Toronto Public Health (TPH) as they are an agency of the City of Toronto. You can read the most current statement from public health officials here.

Exhibition Place has taken additional precautionary measures to further support their high standard of cleanliness.

For more information, please read the full PDF notification here for update #2. 

Please click here to read update 3. 

To remain up to date on COVID-19, please continue to monitor the OVA homepage. 

Where is the Venue?

Enercare Centre, Toronto

Enercare Centre outside of building

Enercare Centre entrance D

Enercare Grounds map 2020

Enercare Centre Map (Click to Enlarge)


There are 36 ATM locations around Enercare Centre.   Please see map below for locations. 



  1. Crock pots, hot plates and “buffet tables” are not allowed to be set up and used in the facility. Teams are only allowed to bring “brown bag” lunches into Enercare.  Participants are encouraged to use food services in Hall G and in the main Galleria. Remember to always clean up after yourselves.    THESE ITEMS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE BROUGHT INTO THE FACILITY AND WILL BE CONFISCATED BY SECURITY OR ENERCARE STAFF. 
  2. Lost and Found - Any found items will be placed in the lost and found in the Green bin at the OVA info booth in Hall G. At the end of the event, all items will be turned into Enercare Security. Please call 416-263-3333 to arrange for the pickup.
  3. No coolers allowed in the facility. They will be confiscated. Please leave them in your car.  Only brown bag food can be brought in by individuals. 
  4. No team parking/camps in the lobby areas.
  5.  Please have your teams clean up after themselves, especially around your team bench when you are done playing. 
  6. There are two water trucks filling stations set up in the facility: heading into Hall G and one by Room 1. 
  7.  Concessions stands will be set up throughout the facility and food trucks are in Hall G. We've asked the convention centre to provide healthier variety of food like fruit, salads, sandwiches as well as the usual convention food. 
  8. No ball handling in the Galleria or non-Sport Court areas. 


There are multiple muster points outside of Enercare Centre if the building needs to be evacuated. They are located at:

  1. Outside of Hall G emergency exit (north end of the building)
  2. In front of Beanfield Centre
  3. In front of X Hotel
  4. In front of parking lot 851

Once the OVA has been given an all clear to return into the building, OVA staff will announce this to everyone at each muster point. 

More about the venue: