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The 2025 Ontario Championships are FREE to attend! 

Tournament Dates:

RIM Park, Waterloo 
Event #1 - April 4 - 6, 2025 (16UG and 4v4 Boys/Co-ed**)
Event #2 - April 11 - 13, 2025  (TLSG)
Event #3 - April 17 - 19, 2025 (17UG & TLSB*)
Event #4 - April 20 - 22, 2025 (15UB*, 16UB* & 17UB*)
Event #5 - April 25 - 27, 2025 (4v4G**, 18UG & 18UB)

EY Centre, Ottawa
Event #6 - April 24 - 26, 2025 (15UG)
Event #7 - April 27 - 29, 2025 (6v6G & 6v6B)

* If there is a higher then unexpected growth in one of the TLSB-17UB age groups, there is potential for a trade between those age groups in Event #3 and #4. For example, if there is a larger then expected growth in TLSB and they no longer fit in Event #3, TLSB would be traded with either 15UB, 16UB or 17UB to ensure we still fit within the venue capacity. If a trade is made between TLSB – 17UB in Event #3 and #4, the trade would take place on January 13th, 2025.

** 4v4 Boys/Co-ed - 2 Day event (April 5-6)
** 4v4 Girls - 2-Day event (Will play on either April 25-26 OR April 26-27) - Will be confirmed  in mid January


The Ontario Championships 2025 Team Handbook will consist of all pertinent information for all age groups participating in Ontario Championships. 



The playing area includes the playing court and the free zone. Each team must play within its designated playing area.

Sport Court: The area beyond the edge of the sport court is designated as a non-playing zone. Therefore, the last point of contact prior to contact with the ball must be on the sport court and the player must always play the ball on the sport court tile.


  • One foot on the sport court, one foot on the cement while playing the ball = play is whistled dead;
  • Jump in the air, play the ball, and land off the sport court = play is whistled dead;
  • Leave the playing area and step on a chair and play the ball = play is whistled dead;
  • Play the ball on the sport court,  the momentum of the athletes carries them off the court = play continues.

Any service action must be initiated with at least one foot in contact with the Sport Court.

These rules are in place to minimize the risk to the athletes.


There are ball free warm up zones for athletes. Please refrain from using volleyballs in this space. It is purely for ball-free warmups. Any balls found in use in these spaces will be confiscated. 

Please see the venue map for specific locations for each venue and event.

Any ball play happening off of the court by individuals may result in the ball being confiscated by security or staff. 


The ball free warm up zone is behind the pipe and drape between Optimist and Pillars arenas. 

On Day 1 and 2 of competitions, the gymnasium will also have spaces available. Please refer to the event facility map for this event to confirm warm up courts. 


There is one ball free warm up zone, which is located in Hall 1.  


  1. No outside food, chairs, coolers or buffet style food tables permitted at EY Centre. However, athletes may bring their own individual "Brown Bag" lunch/dinner in their backpacks)  Security or EY Centre staff will ask for these items to be removed if they see them. If items are not removed, they will be confiscated. 
  2. Team Tables - Tables in both venues are not to be "reserved" by teams. Please use the tables to eat and remove items promptly. Please be mindful to other participants and share the space.  If items are found unattended on tables, they will be removed by security and moved to the security office. 
  3. Noise makers - The use of any type of noise makers (cowbells, air horns, drums, whistles, etc) is prohibited. Spectators will be asked to refrain from using these devices. If they continue to use them, they will be confiscated.
  4. Pom Poms - The use of Pom Poms will no longer be allowed on the team benches or the area where athletes stand at the end of their team bench. This is due to the amount of tinsel that makes its way onto the court creating an unsafe playing surface for athletes. Spectators may still use Pom Poms to cheer on the athletes in the spectator seating area ONLY.
  5. Photography - Only authorized photographers contracted by the OVA for Ontario Championships are allowed on the playing area, sport court or stand between courts due to liability reasons. Parents and/or spectators are not allowed to be on the playing area, on the sport court or standing between the courts to take photographs. If they are found to be in violation of this rule, they will be asked to leave immediately. If parents/spectators disregard this rule multiple times, they will be asked to leave the venue by OVA Staff, Facility staff, the Head Official, Area Supervisors or the working referees.
  6. Tripod and cell phone use:  The use of cell phones and other devices is permitted when collecting data for a team. No use of personal devices permitted in areas that are clearly marked by Venue and OVA staff (i.e near equipment crates, inside hockey benches. etc.)
  7. Pixellot Cameras - No Pixellot tripods or cameras are allowed between courts. If you wish to set them up on the end line we ask that they do not exceed 10 ft in the air, are not within 2 metres of the sport court and are not left unattended at any time. All unattended cameras and tripods will be removed immediately.
  8. Cameras & Tablet use for filming: Teams are permitted to record matches throughout the tournament, however, please note: 
  • Tripods are not permitted on or within 2 metres of the sport court
  • Cameras on tripods cannot be left unattended
  • OVA is not responsible for any damage to the camera or related equipment
  • OVA reserves the right to restrict/deny the filming of any matches for safety/any other reasons
  1. Code of Conduct: The OVA promotes its Ontario Championships, and all of its hosted events, as a safe environment for competition. We fully understand the adrenaline, excitement and heat of competition at an event of this magnitude, however, we ask that all participants and attendees show respect to one another. This includes athletes, coaches, referees, staff, fans and all other attendees. Any hostile, derogatory or otherwise inappropriate behavior will be immediately addressed and will be punished if deemed necessary. These punishments can range from warnings or carding, to game/event suspensions, to expulsion from the venue and/or future OVA events. Our full code of conduct can be viewed here

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Please browse the following links to discover important information for players, coaches and teams participating in Ontario Championships.