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Board of Directors

The Ontario Volleyball Association's Board of Directors, as adopted during the December 12, 2021 Annual General Meeting, is composed of the following individuals:

Katie Hutchinson, President:

Bridget Child, Vice-President Finance/Treasurer:

Daphne Choi, Vice-President Administration/Secretary:

Howie Grossinger, Director at Large:

Michael Amoroso, Director at Large:

Kelsey Orth, Director at Large:

Corinne Williams, Director at Large:

Danny Gosselin, Regional Council Director:

Victoria Altomare, Athletes Representative

Regional Presidents

The Regional Presidents are elected annually at Regional Annual General Meetings. Each Regional President is a member of the Regional Council and his or her main responsibility is to oversee the delivery of volleyball business, programs, and services within their respective regions. 

*The Regional Council appoints one of its Regional Presidents to the position of Regional Council Director to sit on the Board as the council's representative.

Antonio Curciarello, Region 1:

Danny Gosselin, Region 2:

Tauri Caputo, Region 3:

Dwayne Cochrane, Region 4:

Katie Hutchinson, Region 5:

Shaun Illingworth, Region 6: