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About OVA


Since 1929, the Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA) has been at the forefront of promoting, educating and ensuring the quality of the sport of volleyball in Ontario. As the official governing body for volleyball in the province, we are involved in every facet of the sport by offering programs at all levels for both indoor, beach and sitting volleyball. Over the years the game and sporting world has evolved and so too have the programs and services we offer, strongly reflecting our belief in “Volleyball for Life.”

Today more than ever, volleyball is truly a sport available to all Ontarians. From introducing children to volleyball through the grassroots SPIKES ® program to our high performance athletes on Team Ontario; to certifying coaches and officials; from competitions to educating the community on sitting volleyball; the OVA is committed to promoting and growing the sport throughout Ontario.

OVA programs and events are funded and supported by the Ontario Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Sport, membership and user fees, municipalities, corporate partners, and fund raising activities.

Our Mission

The OVA is an athlete-centred association providing leadership and expertise in the growth, development and delivery of volleyball in Ontario.

Our Vision

To provide a fun, safe and rewarding environment through a commitment to Volleyball for Life.

Our Organizational Standards 
  • Foster an inclusive community
  • Treat all people with dignity and kindness
  • Act with integrity in all that we do
  • Utilize collaboration to meet our common purpose
  • Embrace innovation with bold creativity
  • Challenge excellence and continuous learning, always