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The OVA provides members with opportunities to become certified referees and pursue ongoing professional development. Becoming a volleyball referee is a great way to continue with Volleyball for Life.

OVA referees play a key role within the volleyball community ensuring match play occurs in accordance with Volleyball Canada rules. OVA referees can be assigned to referee a range of matches including: OVA tournaments (Indoor Youth Competitions and OVA Beach Tour); Provincial Championships; OUA and OCAA matches; high school games; and other events.

Interested in Becoming a Certified Referee? Visit the Referees Certification Overview for more information.

About Referee Clinics

What is a volleyball referees clinic?

The Local referees clinic is designed for students, teachers, players, coaches and parents interested in officiating OVA tournaments and Provincial Championships, as well as elementary and high school matches.
The clinic consists of 2 components; the theory and practical.  The theory session runs for 8 hours, which may be spread out between 2 to 3 evenings or be held over one day. The practical session will take place over a one-day tournament, where the candidate will be evaluated by the clinician. 

Emphasis at the Clinics:

  • Technical and human skill required
  • Knowledge, interpretation and application of all rules
  • Use of referees’ equipment and working tools
  • Operating procedures and mechanisms of refereeing
  • Game procedures and protocol

At the end of the clinic, candidates should expect to write a closed book exam on the rules at the end of the theory clinic.

Clinic Materials and Requirements

The OVA will provide:

  • Fully qualified clinician(s)
  • Theory and practical critiques
  • Clinic manuals and rulebooks
  • Supervised exams for candidates
  • Local badges will only be awarded to successful candidates upon completion of both theory and practical sessions, and registration with Ontario Volleyball

You should bring:

  • To the Theory Session, candidates should bring a pen/pencil, notepaper and lunch or dinner, if the clinic runs during these times
  • To the Practical Session, candidates should wear a uniform [navy golf-style shirt, navy blue pants (not jeans), running shoes] and bring a referee’s whistle, pen/pencil, a coin and their rulebook

Hosting a Referees Clinic

If you are interested in hosting a certification clinic for a group of students/individuals, please contact Kelvin Cheng, Operations Lead.

Don't see any clinics available in your area?  Fill out the Referee Clinic Sign Up form to be notified of any upcoming ones.

Rules R Championship

The OVA Rules R Championship is a province-wide competition where OVA referees compete as part of their region by completing as many Rules R quizzes as they can.  All officials are automatically entered into the competition and to participate, all you have to do is complete the Rules R “Volleyball Quick Learn” quizzes in your account! 

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So you are now a certified OVA Referee, but how do you get assigned to officiate matches?

Learn how to get assigned to OVA competitions, as well as University and College matches.

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