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Travel & Accommodations

Travel Reimbursement

Teams travelling in excess of 300kms (one way) will be reimbursed at a rate of $0.44/kms per vehicle (maximum 2 vehicles) from the 301st kms onwards.

2023 Hotel Booking Process

Ontario Volleyball has instituted a Stay to Play policy (see policy below) which will be managed by the Hudson Travel Group. 

For 2023, teams that travel in excess of 400+kms one way will be given early access to secure their hotel rooms.  The OVA will be providing all Club Contacts that qualify for this early booking the direct booking links. 

All teams that are travelling in excess of 400+kms one way to Ontario Championships in Toronto will be directly emailed the booking links to utilize the day the hotel booking opens for them. The links will be emailed to the Club contact to distribute appropriately to this in the Clubs that are responsible for booking their team's hotel rooms. The booking links will be active as of 10am on the day they are able to book.

Clubs under the radius of 400kms one way can click on the links below for the event to secure their rooms. It is suggested that each team blocks their entire needs for a team to ensure all parents, athletes and coaches stay at the same hotel.  The link will be active at 10am on the day the booking process opens for each respective event.   

The remaining teams will be able to access the booking portals from HTG as outlined below:




Teams travelling 400+ kms one way  Both Enercare Centre, Toronto events 9:00am on the dates listed below TBD TBD. Being emailed directly to Clubs.
Thursday April 20-Saturday April 22, 2023 Enercare Centre, Toronto Tuesday Jan 17th at 12:00pm EST TBD TBD TBD

Sunday, April 23--Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Enercare Centre, Toronto Wednesday, January 18th at 12:00pm TBD TBD TBD




Teams must be registered in their respective Ontario Championship event and have a team ID code (found on the event receipt through NRS) prior to booking accommodations through Hudson Travel Group. The hotel booking process will be managed as per the dates in the chart above to alleviate the stress having the seven event hotel booking processes open on the same day. Registration information can be found here.

Note: If your Club falls within 100kms of Enercare Centre in Toronto, you do not have to stay in the event hotels as you do not fall within the Stay and Play policy. However, if your Club Team decides to book accommodations, we ask that the bookings be made through Hudson Travel Group (HTG) to help support the event.  Hudson Travel Group  will work with your Team to ensure your needs are met. 

Follow the instructions below to book your hotel. Room blocks are set to 13 rooms. 

If you have issues while completing the booking process or require additional space, please contact Carrie Lynn Bonavia at

Instructions For Booking A Hotel

1)    Click on the booking link.

2)     On the landing page, enter your email address. 
a.    If you are an existing HTG client, you will be automatically redirected to input the following information (Team Club/Group Name, Division/Category, Team Code)
b.    If you are NOT an existing HTG client, you will be automatically directed to input the following information: (First & Last Name, phone number, Team Club/Group Name, Division/Category, Team Code)

3)    A Queue system will be in place during high volume booking requests only (opening day of registration and accommodation booking)
a.    Team will automatically be placed in the queue for booking.  During the queue process the preview link will be on the screen and live so as teams are booked the inventory and options are updated accordingly

b.    A hotel booking link will be emailed to you as soon as your place comes up in the queue. (we advise that you continue to refresh your email). It could take up to 20 minutes to be processed through the queue depending on the volume at the time you have started the above process. 

4)    After you receive the email, click on “Login Directly” link of the email you received from” The link allows you to sign-in directly (your login information is contained in the link). 

5)    Choose your 1st hotel choice by clicking on the “bed” icon and input the number of rooms* & nights required. If you don’t need accommodation Thursday night, be sure to change the arrival date.  
a.    Also choose your 2nd - 5th alternate hotel choice to allow for faster turnaround time
b.    Individual and parent room requirements should be included in your block
c.    You can fill out the “comment” box for special requests/details
d.    Click Submit 

*If you require more than the maximum, please indicate this in the comments box at the time of your request. We will do our best to accommodate any additional requests based on a priority sequence once all teams are booked.

6)    The page will change to the “Room Summary Request” On this screen, there will be a “book another team” button for any clubs that are booking multiple teams. (Repeat step 2a). Please note: you will need all unique team ID’s to book for a 2nd team for the same event weekend. 

7)    Check your email. HTG will confirm 1st hotel choice, if this hotel is not available, we will automatically confirm them in one of their alternate hotel choices 2nd – 5th. 
a.    Team will receive the “hotel confirmation” email which indicates that their hotel is booked and confirmed
b.    After the hotel has been confirmed, teams will be able to access their hotel booking through the “login directly” link attached to the Hotel Confirmation email. This will bring them to their own personal team “Dashboard” with all hotel information and rooming list access. Team Managers will also see the “Book Another Team” button within the dashboard
c.    Team will receive another email with the “Rooming List Entry Link” that can be forwarded to any/all team members/parents to book and manage their individual room.

1. For large room requests (multiple teams from the same club) our priority will be to keep all rooms in the same property. This means you may end up with any of your hotel selections from 1 to 5.  Our next priority will be to fit as many rooms in one hotel choice and the remaining in another one of your hotel choices 

2. Individual Parent room bookings – Can also use the “Rooming List Entry Link” email that can be forwarded to you by the Team Manager 

Frequently Asked Questions


1) How do I get to my dashboard to manage my bookings?
Click on your settings on the top right of the page, click on Dashboard.

2) How do I enter my room list?
Under My Events, Select the Event, Select the Team Name you want to add the rooming list to

  1. Click on “Your Confirmation” button in the middle of the screen. A new page will open.
  2. Click on “Rooming List”.  At this point, you can enter your rooming list, one room at a time.
  3. Click on one of your namesàA new window will pop open
  4. Click on Modify
  5. Replace your contact details with the name of one athlete that is in that room
  6. Enter your credit card details
  7. To add remaining guests to room, please enter their names in the special comment box.
  8. Click Save and Close
  9. Window will close
  10. Repeat process for other rooms

3) How do I not have to enter my credit card # for all of the teams in my block vs doing individually for all rooms?

  1. You will receive an email from HTG called “Rooming List Entry link for Ontario Championships Volleyball (specific event name)
  2. Click on “Login Directly”
  3. Enter your name, email address
  4. If you are not checking in the night before, make sure you adjust your check in date
  5. Enter the # of nights
  7. Enter your credit card details
  8. Hit Submit
  9. You will now need to assign the names to the multiple rooms you just applied the credit card to
  10. Login to your dashboard
  11. Under events, select the appropriate event and team
  12. Click on “Your confirmation”
  13. A page opens. Click on “Rooming List”
  14. Click on the 1st room with your name and a window will pop open
  15. You will see that credit card information is stored to this room
  16. Click modify at the top of the page to change the room from your name to your athletes names
  17. Remember to add all additional people from the room to the special request comments box
  18. Click “Save and Close”
  19. Repeat process until all rooms are updated

4) When is my room list due?
February 18, 2022 for ALL Waterloo Events 
February 21, 2022 for ALL Mississauga Events 

5) What happens if I don’t submit my rooming list by February 2022?
All rooms in the block will be released back into inventory. DO NOT FORGET TO SUBMIT YOUR ROOM LIST TO AVOID LOSING ROOMS FOR YOUR TEAM!

6) How do I cancel my entire block for a team in one event?

  1. Under your Dashboard, click on the event and the specific team name
  2. Your confirmation page opens, click on “My confirmation” button in the middle of the page
  3. A new window will pop up. Click on “Cancel Booking”
  4. A warning message pop up opens with the following message “To proceed with the request select 'Proceed'. To cancel the request select 'Cancel'.”
  5. Make choice and proceed

7) How do I cancel a few rooms from my block?
Before Rooming List Submission – please email
After Rooming List Submission – please request through the individual room reservation email online or call 1-800-668-5596

8) How do I send a link to parents to add their credit card details and rooming list?
There is a link on your dashboard that allows to you send a link to parents directly (send “link for group”). You also have the option to email or call 1-800-668-5596

9) As the Club Contact, why did I receive two emails when I booked a room?

  1. The first email will be the booking confirmation email for your specific team and event
  2. The second email is a rooming entry list

10) How do I login to my account if I lose my email with the direct login link?
Email or call 1-800-668-5596

Stay To Play Policy

Ontario Volleyball has instituted a Stay to Play policy to ensure availability of accommodations for all participants while better managing competition costs. The Stay to Play policy is in effect for all Indoor Ontario Championships.

  • All travelling teams (100kms+/one way) are required to book hotel rooms through Hudson Travel Group (HTG Sports) to be eligible to play in the tournament.
  • The Clubs mailing address will be used to determine kms to RIM Park and the Paramount Fine Foods Centre.
  • A team must register in Ontario Championships to be eligible to book accommodations.
  • A team will be issued a booking code upon registration, that will need to be used when booking through HTG Sports.
  • A team can only block rooms for the event they have just registered in. They cannot pre-book other event dates, prior to registering in the other event.
  • The hotel booking process will be phased in, to match the phased OC’s registration
  • Ontario Volleyball offers exemptions from the Stay to Play policy for both teams and individuals under the following categories:
    • Proximity Exemption Request: If the team/athlete is based within the specified proximity distance from the competition venue or the team/athlete plans to stay with family or friends that resides within the proximity distance, the team/athlete may be eligible for an exemption from the policy.
    • Special Exemption Request: A Special Exemption Request will need to be completed for all other exemption requests. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will be reviewed by the Stay to Play Review Committee. This policy has been put in place to benefit teams, local event organizers and Ontario Volleyball alike. To request an exemption please complete the Stay to Play Exemption Form 
    • Note: If your Club falls within 100kms of RIM Park or the Paramount Fine Foods Centre, you do not have to stay in the event hotels as you do not fall within the Stay and Play policy range. However, if your Club Team decides to book accommodations, the bookings must be made through Hudson Travel Group (HTG) to use the Toronto Tourism Hotel members. Hudson Travel Group holds all blocks at the hotels and will work with your Team to ensure your needs are met.