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Safe Sport

The OVA is committed to practicing safe sport and ensuring our athletes are provided with a safe and healthy environment in which to learn and develop. 

Safe sport practices are the responsibility of all members, including coaches, parents/guardians, athletes, referees, club administrators and volunteers.

Please watch the video below about the OVA's new Person In Authority Code of Conduct and the importance of safe sport practices, and browse the links and resources in the menu.

Want to learn more?

Person In Authority Code of Conduct webinar. 

The webinars were hosted by Elevation - Equality, Inclusivity, Empowerment Inc. and Karen Bellehumeur of Bellehumeur Law, a firm committed to providing legal advice and services exclusively to survivors of sexual abuse as well as legal education and advocacy.  The webinar provides information about the importance of the OVA's Person In Authority Code of Conduct and field questions from the membership.

Person in Authority (PIA) Code of Conduct

Coaches play a vital role in shaping the youth of tomorrow through sport. The OVA relies on them and other persons in authority to be role models and to put young athletes on a path to success. The dynamic between coach and athlete gives rise to a power imbalance and a culture of unquestioned trust that can result in abuse. As such, it is imperative that all persons in positions of authority be held to a high standard of conduct. Abuse in sport, particularly sexual abuse and the grooming behaviour that precedes it, destroys the positive impact of sport and causes untold harm to victims and those around them. Consequently the OVA has a strong obligation to establish and maintain systems that prevent abuse and respond to conduct that poses risk to OVA athletes.