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Respect In Sport Parent Program

The Ontario Volleyball Association continues to utilize the Respect in Sport Parent Program for all Club Member parent/guardians.

This roll out is a testament to the dedication the OVA and its members have in making this amazing sport fun and enjoyable for all.

Respect in Sport is an accessible, online resource in the prevention of bullying, abuse, harassment, and discrimination (BAHD). The program’s mission is to empower participants to recognize signs of BAHD and eliminate it from the game, through a global culture of respect.

Respect Group was co-founded by former NHLer Sheldon Kennedy in 2004. It partnered with the Canadian Red Cross to create a best-in-class e-learning curriculum for mass consumption. Participants are certified through a 60-minute on-line program, they can do from anywhere with internet access. Cost is $12.00.

At least one parent or guardian of each player registered in OVA volleyball will need to complete the online RIS Parent Program  only once as a condition of participation. before November 27, 2023.  The program is a proactive, educational program that empowers parents with the tools to ensure the game is enjoyable and respectful for themselves, their children, and all other stakeholders in the game. To register, visit 

*Please note that the program is also available offline by downloading the Respect In Sport mobile app after you have initialized your profile through the website above.

Help & FAQ

Respect Group Helpdesk Support is available 8 AM to Midnight EST.  Support is available by phone, email or live chat. Please go to and click on Helpdesk Support in the lower left corner of the log in page, or log into the program and click on the Help tab in the banner. 

You can find Frequently Asked Questions further down this page.


  • 70% of kids quit sports by the age of 13 because they stop having fun
  • The most common reason: Parental behaviour
  • For every adolescent boy who leaves sport, 6 girls leave
  • How parents interact and behave with the kids has a major impact on whether kids remain in sport

The Respect in Sport Program for Parents is a unique, online program geared to providing the parent with information on how to evaluate and understand:

  • Parental influence over a child
  • Coach and leader roles in sport
  • Role of he parent and coach in ensuring a child’s enjoyment of a sport
  • Protecting your child when outside of your immediate control
  • Losing perspective
  • Injury management
  • Misplaced enthusiasm
  • Using guilt on your child
  • Treatment of opposing players, coaches, officials
  • Concussion awareness and Return to Play guidelines
  • Long-Term Player Development model

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   What is the cost and how long does the program take to complete?
The cost is $12.00 and the program takes about and hour to complete.

2.   Where does the $12 go?
$1 goes to Pay Pal for fee processing, $1 goes to the Canadian Red Cross (Curriculum Partner of Respect Group), $1 goes to the OVA for administration/promotion, and $9 goes to Respect Group for hosting, 24/7 bilingual help-desk support, program updates, and on-going support to OVA and Club members.

3.  Who pays the $12.00 fee?
In most cases, Clubs choose to have the parent/guardian pay the fee themselves. Clubs may elect to “bulk-purchase” on behalf of parents and in that case, a pre-registration code is issued to the Clubs to give to parents. The Code is then used when the parent registers, rather than paying with a credit card. Clubs interested in a bulk purchase should contact Carrie Campbell at The cost is the same whether the parents pay or the club pays.

4.  Does a parent/guardian from each family at all levels and ages have to take the program?
Yes, the program is designed for players and families at every level (4v4 to 18U) of competitive indoor and beach volleyball programming at the OVA.  Players aged 18 and up are NOT included in the RIS – Parent Program. This program is specifically targeted at parents/guardians. 

5.  What if a child is in foster care?
Any adult who is in a guardian/caregiver role, may complete the program. 

6.  When will this be implemented?
It is a requirement that each player has a parent or guardian who has completed the program prior to the November 28, 2023 deadline or participation in their first event. 

7.  Will the parent/guardian have to re-certify every year?
There is no expectation for annual re-certification.  However, if there is an issue, a parent/guardian could be asked to re-take the program.  Further, the program is transferable across all minor sports in Ontario.

8.  What are the sanctions if a parent/guardian from each family does not complete the program?
If certificate numbers are not on file for an athlete before the November 28, 2023 deadline, they will not be allowed to play at any subsequent tournaments.

9.  What if a parent/guardian does not have a Pay Pal account. How will they pay on-line?
Payment transactions are processed by Pay Pal, but you do not have to have an existing account, nor do you have to create a Pay Pal account to pay for the program

10.  What if a parent does not have a credit card to pay on-line when they register?
Prepaid, one-time use credit cards can be purchased at numerous retail locations and used to pay.

11.  Some parents do not have the means to pay. How will they be able to take the course?
Some Clubs purchase a small number of bulk-purchase licenses for this specific purpose. They can issue the parent a pre-registration code to use in lieu of payment.

12.  How will local administrators/registrars know whether or not a parent has completed the program?
Administrative Access to the data-basing side of the Respect in Sport – Parent Program will be provided to designated registrars/administrators, as approved by Ontario Volleyball.  Those with administrative access will be able to run reports, look up individual certification records etc. Parents/guardians are asked to enter their RIS number into the child’s profile in the Membership Registration System (MRS). 

13.  What if the household has no computer or access to the internet?
Most public libraries have public internet access, or you could try a relative or a neighbour.

14.  What if the parent/guardian does not have strong computer literacy skills?
The program is very user friendly, but online help is available as well.

15.  What if the parent has a language barrier?
The program is available in French or English. For parents who may struggle with English or French, they may ask a child, friend or relative to sit with them as they go through the program, and assist/translate for them. Many communities have cultural centres which can assist as well.

A parent or a Club contact (on behalf of the parent) can ask for an extension or exemption if there are extenuating circumstances. An email must be sent to Carrie Campbell at to ask for an extension/exemption, prior to the November 28 deadline or the child's first event in the OVA. 

16.  What do parents do with their certificates once they complete the online module?
Parents should provide a copy of their certificate to their Club Contact (registrar). Parents/guardians should also login to their child’s Membership Registration System (MRS) account and enter the certificate number in their child’s profile. 

17.  What if a parent took the Parent Program through another sport. Do they have to take it again?
No. Parents can import their parent certification over to the Ontario Volleyball parent program data-base. Importing instructions are very simple, and can be completed in a couple of minutes. There is no cost to import an existing certification.

18.  If a parent has already taken the Respect in Sport activity leader program for coaches, do they still have to take the Parent Program?
Yes. The Parent Program is different in content from the Activity Leader program for coaches. The Parent program was created at the request of hockey coaches, and most coaches find the content very beneficial.

19.  How long is my Parent Program Certification good for?
There is no expiry, however re-certification is at the discretion of the Ontario Volleyball Association.

20.  What supports/resources are in place to assist associations and registrars/administrators with the program?
Respect in Sport works very closely with associations and registrars to support them through implementation and beyond. In addition to a 18/7 live person bilingual help desk (available from 8am-1am), training webinars are made available to administrators/registrars.  Please contact Carrie Campbell at ccampbell@ontariovolleyball.or  for more information

21.   Why is the program being mandated across the OVA?
It provides tools to deal with various situations which could arise during participation in sport, both as a parent, and in any leadership role you may have.  This is a positive program to make good parents better, and will empower all the good parents in the organization.

22. How do I register?
To register, visit: