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Club Preparation & Membership Registration System Update

By Ontario Volleyball Association, 08/26/22, 2:00PM EDT


To help clubs navigate the upcoming indoor season preparation, we have made an administrative checklist. The checklist covers Tryouts, the start of September and ongoing tasks leading up to the start of the season. Detailed notes on screening and Membership Registration System (MRS) registration is included in the document as well.  

Registration System Season Rollover  

The OVA’s Membership Registration System (MRS) will be down starting Monday, August 29 until August 31 due to preparation for the new season. Registration will be inaccessible to members during this time. 

Online registration opens on September 1, 2022, for Clubs and individuals.  

Friendly MRS reminders: 

  • All Waivers of Liability, OVA Terms & Conditions, and Concussion Code of Conduct Acknowledgement Forms, annual Screening Declarations (if applicable) will be completed online as part of the MRS member registration process. 
  • Athletes can upload their Proof of Age documentation to their MRS account. This will be a one-time upload and the document will then live with the athlete’s account for future seasons. 
  • Parent/guardians can enter their Respect in Sport Certificate numbers in their athletes MRS account at the time of registration (it not previously entered). 
  • Club Contacts will continue to submit their Club forms online through the Returning Club Form (found on the MRS’ Quick Links menu). This must be updated to the best of the Clubs ability no later than October 31, 2022.  

 Mandatory Tryout Player Registration  

Friendly reminder that all athletes must be registered as a free Tryout Player role in the MRS system prior to stepping on a court for tryouts this fall. Clubs are not permitted to create member profiles for athletes or Club staff. This is a directive to comply with Rowan’s Law legislation regarding concussion education and prevention. As such, all waivers of liability and concussion code of conduct acknowledgement forms must be completed by the participant and their parent/guardian (if under 18 years of age) in order to become a member of the Association. 

After athletes make a team, they must register as a Recreational Player (4v4) or Competitive Player (6v6 to 18U) prior to their teams first on court practice to be covered by insurance for the season.   

All 4v4 Rallyball athletes are only required to have a Recreational Player membership role for the duration of the competitive season, unless they transition to the 6v6 Rallyball division, in which they will need to upgrade their membership to a Competitive Player

Re-signed Athletes  

If an athlete is re-signed with a team, they do not need to register with the Tryout Player role, unless the Club wishes to pay the athlete’s full membership. If the Club wishes to pay for the athlete's full membership fee, they can do so when creating the team and adding the players and coaching staff.  

For information on how to upgrade membership in MRS, please review the How to Guide:  

MRS User ID Reminders 

When creating your membership profile, please remember MRS will not accept email addresses that contain underscores. This is not uncommon as many new systems won’t read and/or accept addresses with underscores in them. 

The MRS system uses a member’s email address as their user ID, so each member must have a unique email address to register. If parents have more than one child and would like to have all OVA/MRS emails and correspondence directed to them, their MRS account can be set up with each of their children’s email addresses as the usernames while the parent’s email can be entered as the contact email. Alternatively, Gmail accounts provide the ability to set up several unique Gmail email addresses that will all go to one home account by adding “+1” (or “+2” or “+3”, etc.) to the end of the email address. For example, will receive all emails using  or, etc. Parents can use these types of Gmail account variations as the user IDs for multiple children in MRS. 

The online registration link will be located on the OVA’s Become a Member page along with a comprehensive series of How to Guides to help members navigate the new system. 

Need MRS help? Should you have any issues regarding registration, please contact