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6v6 Rallyball

6v6 Rallyball will be very similar to the past offerings in regards to the regulations of the game; however, important changes have been made to the season structure to achieve the goals of athlete retainment, athlete development and quality programming. 

The 6v6 Rallyball stream will allow teams to play in 'Development' events as well as 'Challenge' events:

Development events
Allows teams to experience competition at a certain without the pressure of results based consequences. 

Challenge events
Slowly introduce the aspect of playing under pressure. 

Event day schedules for the Challenge and Development events will vary, exposing athletes to game structures which allow coaches to implement different strategies and increase learning opportunities. The Rallyball steam will also play smaller, more regional events.  

*As a Reminder* The 6v6 regular season tier structure is setup with a developmental focus. Both the boys and girls divisions will only split into 2 tiers (Trillium & Championship). If you are a very strong 6v6 team and are not finding the 6v6 Championship competition meaningful, your team should strongly consider moving to TLS. This will not only improve your teams meaningful competition but also the competitive balance for the remaining teams in 6v6.