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Beach Tour Dates & Registration

The OVA is looking forward to the 2023 Beach Tour and we have a lot of events lined up for this summer!  

Please visit our Beach Locations page for a list of addresses and links. 

Registration for our events will open in MRS in April 2023.  Register for all events at

Gold events will have a maximum point value of 1000.
All Toronto Ashbridges events will be Gold events offering a maximum point value of 1000.
Gold events will also be offered on specific dates in locations other than Toronto.

Silver events will have a maximum point value of 900.  

Please see OVA Beach Handbook (to be updated) for a full breakdown of the points system.  

Silver Events


August 19 & 20

Silver - Markham - August 19 - 12UG/13UB

Silver - Markham - August 20 - 13UG


August 26 & 27

Silver - Markham - August 26 - 13U/15U/Adult Women
Silver - Markham - August 27 - 14U/16U/Adult Men