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SPIKES On The Road

SPIKES® On the Road clinics are delivered by trained SPIKES clinicians at elementary and secondary schools across the province throughout the school year! The SPIKES On the Road program has been developed by OVA to ­help fulfill the demand for recreational and development volleyball within schools and community groups. SPIKES is focused on providing a supportive, fun environment, where learning volleyball is both easy and fun!

SPIKES isn’t volleyball in the familiar sense, but rather an approach to teaching volleyball and the related motor skills, which are transferable to other physical activities.

The SPIKES program consists of:

  • Motor skill development exercises,
  •  pre-skill activities.
  • And modi­fied games, which are presented in a volleyball setting.

By teaching the adapted/modified volleyball activities, teachers will:

  • have strategies to take into account the range of student abilities and the diversity of their backgrounds,
  • address active living and movement competence strands of the health and physical education curriculum,
  • introduce students to a wide range of activities and skills, appealing to both girls and boys, working in small groups and individually.

Schools can book either a full day or half day (morning or afternoon) session of approximately three hours long. During that time, our clinician will lead, demonstrate and instruct your physical education classes.

Please note that there is a fee of:

  • $350.00 for a 3hr session
  • $200.00 for a 1.5hr session

Each booking will receive...

  • A SPIKES manual complete with Teaching Games for Understanding philosophies, teachers tips, and 20+ lessons
  • An optional 20-minute interactive teacher mini-workshop
  • A new developmentally friendly Mikasa Squish volleyball!
  • Each student will receive individual attention and learn the basics of volleyball

Interested in booking a SPIKES On the Road session for your school?

Complete our SPIKES On the Road online booking form today!

Once we receive your Booking Form, the SPIKES Program Coordinator will contact you to confirm the date that SPIKES will be at your school!

For more information about SPIKES or about becoming a trained SPIKES clinician and delivering these clinics to schools across the province, please contact the Program Coordinator:


Kerish Maharaj

Grassroots Coordinator

Phone: 647.477.2942