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SPIKES House League

The OVA has worked with experts in skills development for children and youth 6 to 16 years old to modify the sport of volleyball to increase early success - maximizing learning and fun! SPIKES® House Leagues are run by OVA Clubs and community groups throughout Ontario and are offered at a low cost per participant. Many beginners enroll in a SPIKES program to make new friends, learn the basics of volleyball and further their skills to prepare for a competitive volleyball experience.

How are SPIKES House Leagues different from regular volleyball?

  • SPIKES House Leagues offer an 8:1 ratio for leaders working with SPIKES participants - this means more time is spent ensuring participants are learning the correct movements and skills
  • Modified games and activities are designed so volleyball is fun and more accessible to children and youth interested in learning the game.  For instance, for the 9-12 age group, we recommend playing 3 or 4 per side, so that everyone gets to play the ball. 
  • The ball is softer, so it doesn’t hurt your arms!
  • The net is lower so that everyone experiences greater success
  • SPIKES teaches and promotes clear communication, safety, respect, leadership, and good sportsmanship skills 

Check out upcoming programs below.

Can't find a SPIKES House League program in your area or interested in starting your own program? Contact the Grassroots Coordinator today!

Kerish Maharaj

Grassroots Coordinator

Phone: 647.477.2942