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Referees Certification Overview

Indoor Volleyball

For indoor volleyball there are 5 levels of certification in the OVA’s Referee's Development Program:

  • Local
  • Provincial
  • Regional
  • National
  • International

Beach Volleyball

On the beach side there are 4 levels of certification:

  • Local
  • Provincial
  • National
  • International

The certification program begins with an introductory development clinic to become a Level 1 - Local Referee with available upgrade program clinics to attain higher levels of certification; the highest being a certified International Referee.

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Certification clinics are comprised of both theory and practical components and consist of different content depending on whether the course is for indoor or beach volleyball refereeing. These clinics are available to institutions, organizations, and individuals. The goal of the clinics is to certify and develop referees both indoors and on the beach. All clinics must have a sufficient number of participants to allow for a full core of referees during the practical evaluation.

Upcoming Clinics

Note, the majority of clinics run from September to January of each year, with additional clinics available in February.

In order to obtain the next level of certification, upgrade clinics must be successfully completed.  For information on upgrading your certification to Provincial (Level 2) or higher, please contact your Regional Referree's Chair:

Referees Contacts

Rules R Championship

The OVA Rules R Championship is a province-wide competition where OVA referees compete as part of their region by completing as many Rules R quizzes as they can.  All officials are automatically entered into the competition and to participate, all you have to do is complete the Rules R “Volleyball Quick Learn” quizzes in your account! 

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So you are now a certified OVA Referee, but how do you get assigned to officiate matches?

Learn how to get assigned to OVA competitions, as well as University and College matches.

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