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Referee Engagement Centre

What is the Referee Engagement Centre?

The OVA Referee Engagement Centre is an information hub and community forum for referees with important resources to continue learning  and navigating a safe return to sport. Resources include: 

  • OVA and VC Return to Play documents
  • Modified rules of the game & Event Protocols - for playing volleyball during the pandemic
  • Video examples of COVID-19 modified rules of the game
  • OVA and VC rule and match protocol documents
  • Technical resources
  • VC and OVA policies 
  • Video reviews
  • Training videos
  • A community forum chat board 
  • E-activities for continued learning on the Foundations of Volleyball, Decision Making for Volleyball Referees, and Skill Interaction for Volleyball Referees
  • Access the Rules R Leaderboard

We encourage all referees to visit and explore the site regularly for new information pertinent to refereeing in the OVA and for aiding in a safe return to volleyball during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you to the Canadian Red Cross and the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund led by Employment and Social Development Canada, for providing funding to create resources and tools to support the direct service delivery by referees to ensure all athletes and participants  are trained on a safe return to sport. 



Access to OVA and VC documents on Return To Play policies and match protocol documents. 


Video reviews of match rules and training videos explaining the new protocols in place for a safe and healthy return to play.


A place for referees to ask questions about officiating and to submit suggestions for content they would like to see.

Online Activities

E-activities for continued learning on the Foundations of Volleyball, Decision Making for Volleyball Referees, and Skilled Interaction for Volleyball Referees. 

Technical Resources

Access to official VC rulebook, casebooks and OVA  guidelines and information on how to referee the game. 

Rules R

Access the Rules R leaderboard to see who is at the top of the standings and where you rank. 

How to Access the Referee Engagement Centre

All registered OVA referees have free access to the Referee Engagement Centre.  Click the link below to access the platform.  If your email address has not yet been approved or if you have any questions regarding registration, please contact Kelvin Cheng

Referee Engagement Centre Walkthrough

Watch the video that takes referees through the functionality and features of the REC.