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Enclosed is a map of the event area. It highlights the facility entrance, designated parking areas and shuttle service locations. When planning your trip, please be advised of the following:

  • Quick drop-off/pick-up is permitted at the front of Manulife Sportsplex
  • Park in designated parking areas only
  • Additional parking is available in three (3) gravel parking lots – free shuttle service is available from these lots. Check EVENTS on the OVAchamps app for hours of operation.
  • Accessible parking spaces are available in the front and back of the facility

Several bylaw and security staff will be onsite to guide drivers to the appropriate parking areas.

Please follow these rules to avoid getting a ticket:

  • Do not park in fire routes
  • Do not park on any grassy areas or on marked no-parking lines
  • Do not park in an accessible parking space if you do not have a permit
  • Do not park in the quick drop-off/pick-up area

As you know, this is a huge tournament with thousands of people scheduled to be onsite. Please plan ahead, use the free shuttle service and follow the parking rules to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. In addition, we recommend that teams car pool from their hotels to cut down on the number of vehicles at the facility.

University of Guelph Parking

The University of Guelph requires paid parking on Friday April 5, 2019. However, the OVA has pre-booked and paid for lots  P14 and P15 for the day so it is free if you park in either of those two lots.

Note: Saturday April 6th and Sunday April 7th - Parking is FREE in P12, P14 and P15