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For the 2019 season, All-Star selections will made by participating coaches and Team Ontario evaluators at the Grand Prix events for 16U, 17U and 18U athletes. These athletes will be highlighted at Ontario Championships as OVA Grand Prix All Stars

Congratulations to the 2019 Winners. Click on the below images to view each group. 

QUESTIONS: Contact Louis-Pierre Mainville, Director of High Performance at

17UG all-stars

17UG Grand Prix All-stars

16UG Grand Prix All-stars

17UB all-stars

17UB Grand Prix All-stars

16UB Grand Prix All-stars

All-Stars Selection Process

The Grand Prix All-Stars are selected through the following process:

  • Coaches nominate two players from the other team after each match they play
    • Players are awarded 2 points for a nomination during pool-play
    • Players are awarded 4 points for a playoff match nomination
    • Players nominated in the Gold medal match are awarded 6 points
  • Team Ontario coaches nominate two players per position. Each player is rewarded with the points of a playoff nomination
  • The team's rank at Grand Prix is taken into consideration in the final score. Each team gets a 5% advantage on the team ranked below them. This is meant to break ties between players by giving the advantage to the player who's team ranked higher.
  • If a tie persists, the following tie breakers will be applied:
    • points received from participating coaches nominations
    • points received from Team Ontario coaches nominations