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NEW Team Ontario Program

By Ontario Volleyball Association, 12/20/18, 9:45AM EST



In 2019, the OVA is introducing a new program to its High Performance Athlete Pathway to try to bridge the gap that currently exists between the Team Ontario Regional Program and the Team Ontario Red indoor and beach programs.

See how the Team Ontario WHITE program will fit in the pathway below

Team Ontario White is designed to help players progress along the pathway by exposing them to the Team Ontario Red culture and training environment, both on court and on sand. This program will give priority to 15u age players as this particular age group has been misrepresented in the OVA HP pathway in past years.

The majority of players on Team Ontario Red are 16u and the Regional Program is for 14u players. That means 15u players have had little chances to be involved in a high performance program in the past. The table below shows how misrepresented this group has been and the change that will be created by Team Ontario White.

% of High performance athletes per age group
Age Group 2018   2019 (projected)




21% 31%
16U 24% 20%
17U 8% 7%


Adding Team Ontario White will properly align the weight of each age group within the pathway and allow a smooth progression through the different stages of high performance. Since players can enter the pathway at any stage, adding the Team Ontario White program will improve the identification of athletes in the OVA.

To find out more about the Team Ontario White program, click the link below

To register to be identified for Team Ontario White, follow the link below to the High Performance Athlete Identification process page