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Beach Rules R Championship

By OVA, 09/17/18, 9:45AM EDT


We ran a Rules R contest this summer, similar to the one which was run for the indoor season in 2017/18.

We used both test formats  this summer; Quick Learn and the timed Quick Quiz. The test was a series of Quick Quizzes comprised of 10 multiple Choice Questions (between 0 and 4 correct answers) with a 15 minute time limit to complete the test as well as Quick Learn which was a series of 15 questions with no time limit.

The tests this year combined true and false questions with multiple choice questions wherein candidates could choose more than one correct answer making it a bit more challenging. We had a question bank of over 325 questions.

Out of all 48 active Beach Officials, 30 took part in the contest for a 62% participation factor.  

We are very pleased to announce the contest winners here:

  • In third place was Cecil Clarke, who attempted TRR  57 times. Cecil wins a Canuck Stuff Gift Certificate for $20.
  • In second place was Marrick Yee, who attempted TRR 58 times. Marrick wins a Canuck Stuff Gift Certificate for $30.
  • In first place was Albino Pereira, who attempted TRR 2,623 times. Albino wins a Canuck Stuff Gift Certificate for $50.

    As for the regions we broke the ratios as follows:
    Region 1, 2, 4 and 6 had each Referee doing 7.0 Quizzes per Referee which is the same as last year.
    Region 5 had each Referee doing 23.78 Quizzes Up almost 50% from last year.
    Region 3 had each Referee doing 390 Quizzes each down 6% from last year.