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Back To School Road Safety

By Breckles Group, 09/06/18, 9:45AM EDT


The OVA is proud to partner with Breckles Group to promote safe driving habits that will help get you to and from your next OVA event safely.

The latest article in the Drive Safe Campaign looks at "Back to School Safety" on the roads.

Now that it’s the season to start buying backpacks and school is back in session, traffic is only going to get worse. What better time than now to take a glance at road safety!?

Here are some quick tips to remember for this fall season!

School Buses
  • With kids running around, it is extremely important to be extra vigilant. 
  • School busses stop frequently and put a stop arm out with flashing lights. Remember, it is important to come to a complete stop when lights are flashing.
  • Failure to stop will result in 6 demerit points and fines ranging from 400-$2000.  If it happens a second time, another 6 points, a higher fine and POSSIBLE JAIL TIME.  Remember, drivers will not hesitate to report your license plate. ​​​
Driving in School Areas/Zones
  • Watch out for the speed limit signs around the neighborhood.  In all residential school zones, the speed limit is 40 km/h. 
  • The Toronto government is currently in the process of increasing fines for speeding in school zones, and they may double if approved.  Furthermore, they are in the process of approving photo radar systems for use in these areas. 
  • Too often young children get hit by careless drivers while getting dropped off or picked up at Toronto schools.  Please help do your part and keep our kids safe.
Winter Tires
  • We all know how slippery our roads get here in the winter time.  If you get winter tires, not only can it save your life in a scary situation, but It can save others as well.  All season tires are great, as well as cheaper, but they simply don’t get the job done the same way real winter tires do. 
  • As an added bonus for purchasing winter tires, you may be entitled for a cheaper rate on car insurance.  Purchasing these tires can decrease the amount of money you spend on car insurance.