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Become a Mikasa Brand Ambassador

By OVA, 07/05/18, 12:00PM EDT


Mikasa Canada is looking for their next brand ambassadors.

If you love Mikasa products and would love to represent the brand, along with some other great perks, apply to be a brand ambassador today! 


Mikasa Brand Ambassador Application Form

Your application form must include:

1-minute video explaining:
1. What beach volleyball means to you
2. What you like about Mikasa
3. What would make you the best Ambassador

3 pictures:
1. Full-body shot with a Mikasa beach volleyball
2. Full-face portrait
3. Your best action shot

Why become a Mikasa Canada Ambassador?

  • To get exclusive discounts for Ambassadors on Mikasa products;
  • To earn more than $1800 in Mikasa dollars per year;
  • To accumulate more Mikasa dollars by sharing your discount code on your social networks;
  • To be associated with Mikasa, the most recognized balls brand in the world!

What’s the role of the Ambassador?

  • Promote the Mikasa balls and brand;
  • Become the Mikasa reference on your social networks;
  • Attend at Mikasa events in the year.


After Mikasa Canada has received all of the applications they will post all of the potential brand ambassadors to their Facebook page. Applicants should share everything on their social networks to inform your friends and get the most votes possible. Use #mikasacanada for maximum sharing!

Stay tuned to Mikasa Canada's Facebook Page for all the details!

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