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Ontario Championships Event 1 Results

By Ontario Volleyball Association, 04/10/24, 3:15PM EDT


The first event of the 2024 Ontario Championships (OCs) has finished. Pakmen Gold and Durham Attack Chaos emerged as the Division 1 Tier gold medalists for the 16UG and TLS Boys age categories, respectively. 

Complete results of OCs Event 1 are available on the Advanced Registrations System website. Click here for full results.

All medal photos and action shots can be viewed and downloaded from the OVA Flickr channel. Click here for OVA photos.

Images from Event 1 were captured by: Owen Price, Kha Vo, Jay Buck, Courtney Caird, Claire Hannusch and Sam Cleary.

16U Girls

Division 1 Tier 1

Pakmen Gold

Gold: Pakmen Gold

Durham Attack Intensity

Silver: Durham Attack Intensity

Halton Hurricanes Category 6

Bronze: Halton Hurricanes Category 6

Division 1 Tier 2

MVC Olympus

Gold: MVC Olympus

KW Predators Embrace

Silver: KW Predators Embrace

Defensa Purple

Bronze: Defensa Purple

Division 1 Tier 3

Caspian Surge

Gold: Caspian Surge

Northern Chill Black Vortex

Silver: Northern Chill Black Vortex

Bronze: Maverick Blackjacks

Bronze: Maverick Blackjacks

Division 1 Tier 4

Georgetown Impact Crush

Gold: Georgetown Impact Crush

Hummingbird Rise

Silver: Hummingbird Rise

Synergy Dynasty

Bronze: Synergy Dynasty

Division 2 Tier 1

E381 Ada

Gold: E381 Ada

Kingston Rock Black

Silver: Kingston Rock Black

Leaside Dynamite

Bronze: Leaside Dynamite

Division 2 Tier 2

Unity Strive

Gold: Unity Strive

Chatham Ballhawks

Silver: Chatham Ballhawks

MVC Denali

Bronze: MVC Denali

Division 3 Tier 1

Thundercats Nexus

Gold: Thundercats Nexus

Northern Chill Blue Vortex

Silver: Northern Chill Blue Vortex

EVP Eagles

Bronze: EVP Eagles

Division 3 Tier 2

Guelph Jr Gryphons Sparks

Gold: Guelph Jr. Gryphons Sparks

Scorpions Invasion

Silver: Scorpions Invasion

Peterborough Thunder

Bronze; Peterborough Thunder

Division 4 Tier 1

Vipers Apex

Gold: Vipers Apex

Georgetown Impact Blaze

Silver: Georgetown Impact Blaze

Unity Tenacity

Bronze: Unity Tenacity

Division 4 Tier 2

Ottawa Valley Venom Vikings

Gold: Ottawa Valley Vikings Venom


Silver: REACH Aces

6UP Gravity

Bronze: 6UP Gravity

Division 5 Tier 1

Superior North Volleyball Club

Gold: Superior North Volleyball Club

Ancaster Lions Charge

Silver: Ancaster Lions Charge

Steel City Ignite

Bronze: Steel City Ignite

Division 5 Tier 2

LVC Scorch

Gold: LVC Scorch

Simcoe Extreme

Silver: Simcoe Xtreme

Shockwave Legacy

Bronze: Shockwave Legacy

TLS Boys

Division 1 Tier 1

Durham Attack Chaos

Gold: Durham Attack Chaos

Venom Hydra

Silver: Venom Hydra

Pakmen Gold

Bronze: Pakmen Gold

Division 1 Tier 2

Unity Nova

Gold: Unity Nova

Ottawa Fusion

Silver: Ottawa Fusion Purple

Niagara Rapids Tidalwave

Bronze: Niagara Rapids Tidalwave

Division 1 Tier 3

Gold: KW Predators Fortius

Silver: Leaside Panthers

Bronze: Markham Revolution Rebels

Division 1 Tier 4

Gold: LVC Power

Silver: Milton Edge Shock

Bronze: Flames Sparks

Division 2 Tier 1

Gold: Venom Ryujin

Silver: T-West Dragons

Bronze: Pakmen Gold Carol

Division 2 Tier 2 

Gold: Thundercats Flash

Silver: Durham Attack Supreme

Bronze: Kingston Rock Black