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OVA's Athlete Council Presents: Recruiting Process Webinar with Dale Melnick

By Oklend Llakaj, 11/28/23, 9:00AM EST


In an initiative to support its athlete members, the Ontario Volleyball Association's (OVA) Athlete Council is set to host a webinar on Recruitment for Post-Secondary Participation. Scheduled for December 3rd and 4th 8:00 PM ET, the webinars will feature Dale Melnick from Six Pack Recruiting, providing invaluable guidance on the intricate process of recruitment for potential post-secondary athletic participation.

Can't make it to the Sunday webinar? Join us on Monday, December 4th at 8 PM ET instead. 
Those who wish to register for the webinar must register in advance at the links below. 

Recruitment Webinar Details:
Athletes are invited to join the council and Dale Melnick on either December 3rd or December 4th at 8:00 PM ET for an insightful session on navigating the recruitment process. The webinars will focus on key aspects such as initiating the recruiting process, connecting with desired coaches in Canada or the US, and debunking common struggles and myths surrounding recruitment

About Dale Melnick and Six Pack Recruiting:

With over 20 years of coaching experience from grass roots to the Canadian Junior National team, Dale has been the driving force behind many programs and coaches across Canada.  Summer 2022, Dale returned to the Canadian National Team as the Team Lead for the Senior Women’s team.  2018, Melnick lead the Canadian Youth National Team to a silver medal at NORCECA championships in Honduras for the first time in 20 years, followed by a 14th place finish at 18U World Championships in Egypt 2019. Dale has set her sights on supporting and mentoring athletes in the world of recruitment throughout Canada, the United States and overseas.

About the OVA’s Athlete Council:

The OVA Athlete Council, established in 2022, has been a pivotal force in ensuring that athlete voices are not only heard but actively incorporated into the Association's decision-making processes. 

Since its establishment, the OVA Athlete Council has been actively engaged in fostering a supportive community for its members. Discussions within the council have led to the creation of a variety of resources designed to assist OVA athletes in crucial areas, ranging from performance enhancement strategies to injury prevention and recovery tips, nutrition, and safe sport. 

The OVA Athlete Council is committed to continuing its efforts to provide resources in various formats, ensuring that OVA athletes have the support they need throughout their journeys. By addressing concerns, sharing ideas, and actively participating in the Association's dialogue, the council remains a driving force for positive change within the OVA.

If you would like to connect with the Athletes’ Council for questions, ideas, or to support initiatives, please contact:

Oklend Llakaj