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OVA and CBC Partner to Enhance Ontario Volleyball Livestreaming

By Ontario Volleyball Association, 11/06/23, 4:30PM EST


The Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA) and CBC have joined forces in a ground-breaking partnership aimed at revolutionizing the livestreaming experience for volleyball enthusiasts across Ontario. This exciting collaboration introduces the use of state-of-the-art Pixellot cameras to elevate the quality and accessibility of live volleyball events via the CBC Sports Connect helping our clubs and the sport of volleyball in Ontario, to amplify their reach, backed by the CBC. 

Key Facts about the Partnership and Pixellot Cameras

Camera Provision: At the cost of $48,000, Ontario Volleyball will receive a total of 32 Pixellot cameras, with each camera coming complete with a tripod setup. While the cameras include tripods, please note that sandbags to secure the tripods are not included.

Cost and Eligibility: Applicable clubs will receive one camera per club, for FREE. CBC and the OVA, as a launch initiative (pilot), the first 32 clubs that apply will receive these cameras. Therefore, there is no cost to the club as part of this pilot. OVA and CBC are exploring the possibility of expanding this program to include all 86 clubs in the future.

Camera Allocation: CBC's preference is to initially limit one camera per club during the 2023-2024 season. Additional cameras can be purchased through CBC at $3000 CDN per camera. CBC aims for a ratio of one camera per six teams, with a long-term goal of one camera per 60 participants.

Ownership: The arrangement for the pilot is that the camera will be loaned. CBC and each club would make their own arrangement regarding shipping and storage of the camera.

Tripod Inclusion: The camera purchase includes a 15ft indoor tripod.

Additional Camera Purchases: Clubs interested in acquiring more than one camera can arrange for additional purchases through CBC, independent of the OVA.

Immediate Shipment: The cameras are ready to ship immediately after the application process.

Application: Clubs interested in acquiring the free camera from the OVA for the subsidized camera can mail their intent of interest to . The OVA will compile a list of qualified clubs and provide it to CBC for shipping. If there are more than 32 clubs interested, the OVA will publish a short application process.

Connectivity: For facilities without Wi-Fi, content can be uploaded into the system via an ethernet cable. The upload time may vary based on connection speed. 5G streaming via a phone hotspot is also suitable for livestreaming.

Recording and Upload: Recorded content is stored in the camera and can be uploaded to the system once connected to an ethernet connection. Upload times can take 4-6 hours depending on your internet upload speed.

Video Upload Frequency: CBC encourages clubs to upload video content to CBC Sports Connect at least once per tournament. Tutorial videos will be provided for guidance by CBC.

Video Usage: The Pixellot camera is designed for high-quality game-day footage and is not suited for recording practices or other events.

Access: CBC will provide steps for clubs to set up an account to access the videos once the cameras are in their possession.

Battery Life: The cameras have a battery life of approximately 8 hours.

Training: CBC will provide training videos and guidelines for operating the system.

Camera Placement: Ideally, the camera should be placed 4-6 feet behind the net post, with a height of 12-15 feet, based on available space.

Video Downloads: Details about downloading videos to a hard drive will be confirmed by CBC.

Multiple Accounts: Clubs can have different login accounts, and CBC will provide further information directly to the clubs.

Live Stream Delay: There is a 7-minute delay from the time recording starts to when the live stream is shown.

Mobile App: To stream matches, a mobile app called "Pixellot Control" is required.

Event Duration: The app allows for adjustments during events if they go over the scheduled time.

Contract Compliance: Clubs are expected to adhere to the terms of their contract with CBC. Failure to upload the agreed number of games may result in a return of the camera. CBC is asking that at least one game per tournament be the minimum required upload during the free camera loan period.

Analytics Integration: CBC believes that CBC games can be integrated into Hudl with an additional $500 cost for analytics. Clubs should communicate directly with VidSwap after an introduction from CBC.

Outdoor Use: The cameras can be used for beach volleyball, but it's essential to consider the weight of the indoor tripod provided and the weather conditions.

Image of a Pixellot camera

Pixellot camera

As this exciting partnership between OVA and CBC unfolds, volleyball enthusiasts in Ontario can look forward to enhanced access to live games and a more interactive experience with the sport they love. Stay tuned for further updates and announcements as we work together to bring the excitement of volleyball to fans across the region.

We recommend viewing the latest Club Resources Town Hall for more detailed information about the cameras from 4:00 – 13:50.

Please email your interest and to Kerish Maharaj via by November 30, 2023. We look forward to enhancing your club's volleyball experience through this exciting partnership between OVA and CBC.