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OVA Welcomes new members to the Athletes' Council

By Oklend Llakaj, 11/03/23, 4:30PM EDT


The Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA) is delighted to introduce the latest members of the OVA Athletes Council, a dedicated group that champions the voices and perspectives of Ontario's volleyball players. The new members include: Ashley Wu, Heidi Yang, Jaylyn Warren, Mackenzie Carriere, Makenna Gillick, Naiyah Reece, Olivia Alton, Paxton Ruel, Rennick Koskela, Sophia Collazos, and Tori Welch. 

Victoria Altomare and Oklend Llakaj are currently serving as co-chairs of the council.

These new faces have joined the Athletes Council, ready to contribute their diverse experiences, develop their leadership skills, and effectively represent their fellow athletes in the world of Ontario volleyball. The Athletes Council was established in 2022 to bridge the gap between the Association and its athlete members, empowering them to be heard through the Athlete Representative on the Board of Directors.

Diversity is at the heart of the council, with members hailing from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, encompassing indoor, beach, sitting, Team Ontario, post-secondary, professional, and Team Canada players. Over the past year, the Athlete Council actively played a pivotal role in the OVA's strategic planning process. Collaborating with a consultant, they offered invaluable insights that allowed OVA to fine-tune its mission and values to better align with the needs and aspirations of athletes.

Furthermore, the council initiated meaningful discussions to address various concerns within the athlete community. These conversations led to the creation of resources tailored to assist OVA athletes in critical areas, including performance enhancement, mental fortitude, nutrition, injury prevention, recovery, and the promotion of safe sport practices.

The council's dedication to enhancing the athlete experience remains unwavering. Their current efforts include the development of additional resources tailored for OVA athletes. Additionally, they are embarking on an exciting journey to host video series focused on key areas of support, such as recruitment for post-secondary participation.

The OVA Athletes Council remains steadfast in its commitment to creating an inclusive, safe, and thriving environment for all athletes in Ontario volleyball, ensuring that their voices continue to resonate throughout the province and beyond.

Click here to view the full list of members serving on the OVA's Athletes' Council. 

If you would like to connect with the Athletes’ Council for questions, ideas, or to support initiatives, please contact:

Oklend Llakaj