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Team Ontario Announces Beach Head Coaches For 2025 Canada Summer Games

By Oklend Llakaj, 11/03/23, 11:00AM EDT


The Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA) and Team Ontario proudly announce the appointment of Laura Condotta (Womens division) and Kelly McGuire (Mens division) as the head coaches for the 2025 Canada Games Beach Volleyball.

The duo of Condotta and McGuire is set to lead the charge for Ontario as Canada's top young athletes descend upon St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, for the highly anticipated Canada Summer Games in 2025.

The Canada Games, renowned as the largest multi-sport event in the country, represent the pinnacle of athletic competition for over 5,000 athletes participating in more than 20 different sports. Held biennially, alternating between summer and winter editions, these Games are a celebration of athletic prowess, camaraderie, and the pursuit of excellence.

In the most recent Canada Summer Games held in 2022 in Niagara Falls, Ontario, the beach volleyball competition witnessed thrilling performances. Steven Abrams and Jonny Pickett emerged victorious, claiming the gold medal for the men's team. On the women's side, the duo of Emma Braticevic and Sophia Hladyniuk displayed exceptional resilience in a hard-fought match against Quebec, ultimately securing the silver medal for their remarkable performance.

Both coaches bring a wealth of experience, dedication, and a passion for the sport, promising to elevate the performance of Ontario’s beach volleyball teams. As the countdown begins for the next chapter in Canadian sports history, all eyes will be on St. John's, where the future of beach volleyball is set to unfold in an exciting display of skill, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Laura, as a dedicated coach, values a nurturing and supportive environment tailored towards empowering athletes to achieve their goals. She prioritizes a commitment to a high-performance mentality, as well as a pursuit of excellence and quality in every opportunity presented. Laura's coaching philosophy revolves around presenting learning opportunities through self-evaluation and fostering the importance of an athlete's growth through continuous learning, skill refinement, and technical development.

As an indoor volleyball player, she played at the club level for Etobicoke Titans Volleyball Club, in the OUA for Brock University (2015-2020), and at the professional level in Switzerland, Cyprus, the Philippines, and Austria (2020 - 2023). In beach volleyball, she was a member of Team Ontario Beach for four years before competing on the Canadian Summer Development Program from 2019-2022, while also participating in the world tour. This past summer, Laura completed her first season as a full-time coach with Team Ontario Beach, after two years of being mentored through coaching at the provincial level. Recently, she has taken on a role as an assistant coach for the Brock University Women's Volleyball team and as the Technical Director for the Toronto Titans (West) Volleyball Club. Her passion lies in helping athletes succeed, and she is committed to continuing this journey.

Kelly McGuire, an athlete-centered coach, is dedicated to fostering the well-rounded development of athletes, both as competitors and as individuals. His coaching philosophy centers on placing athletes at the core of his approach, creating an inclusive and safe environment where growth and learning from mistakes are encouraged on the path to excellence. Kelly's core values, such as integrity, honesty, and fairness, underpin his coaching principles, emphasizing trust and accountability within his teams. He prioritizes collective success over individual achievements, nurturing a strong sense of teamwork.

With a growth mindset, he encourages athletes to embrace challenges and view setbacks as opportunities for personal and athletic growth. Instilling the value of giving one's best effort, on and off the court, Kelly emphasizes hard work and determination. He also inspires a competitive spirit, motivating athletes to consistently push themselves to reach their full potential. This coaching philosophy, deeply rooted in values and principles, has been instrumental in Kelly McGuire's successful coaching career.

Throughout his coaching journey, Kelly has achieved remarkable milestones. His coaching expertise was showcased when he served as the Head Coach for the Ontario Summer Games in 2018, and he has continued to make a lasting impact as the Team Ontario Indoor Coach. In 2019, he expanded his influence as the Team Ontario Beach Coach, further contributing to the growth of beach volleyball talent. Leading the Conestoga Men's Volleyball team as Head Coach since 2019, Kelly cultivated a culture of excellence and teamwork. His proficiency in coaching was recognized with the OCAA Women's Volleyball Coach of the Year title in 2022-23.

Kelly McGuire's relentless passion and dedication to athletes' growth have solidified his role as an influential figure in the world of sports, serving as an inspiration to both athletes and fellow coaches. His journey reached a pinnacle in 2023-24 when he was appointed as the Team Ontario Elite Coach, underscoring his commitment to developing high-level athletes and his continued impact in the sporting community.