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OVA Registration Opens September 1

By Ontario Volleyball Association, 08/24/23, 10:30AM EDT


The return of indoor volleyball is fast approaching, and with that comes registration day! Beginning Friday, September 1, the Membership Registration System (MRS) will be open for all OVA member registration.

It is essential that all members are registered as soon as possible so there are no delays in team registration or athlete tryout participation.

*NEW* Person In Authority (PIA) Approval Process in MRS

Any individual registering for a Person In Authority membership role will have their membership put into a Pending status in MRS until the OVA staff have verified that their eligibility requirements have been completed.  This means that they will not be eligible register a team or be placed on a team until the documentation is completed.

The OVA’s Person in Authority Code of Conduct defines a PIA as “any person who holds a position of authority over a Vulnerable individual pursuant to the role assigned to them. Persons in Authority include, but are not limited to, coaches, managers, trainers, referees, staff, and administrators”.

Eligibility requirements for coaches and Officials can be found here:

Coach Eligibility Policy
Referee Eligibility Policy

Club Leaders and Club Administrators Eligibility

All Club Leaders and Club Administrators must have their eligibility requirements completed and submitted before registration can be approved.

Make sure you are aware of which documentation you need to complete by reading the 2023-2024 OVA Club Leader Eligibility Policy.

It is the responsibility of OVA Clubs to verify the eligibility of their Club Leaders and other PIA’s prior to listing them on their Club Information Form at the start of the season. Individuals who have not completed the above requirements are not eligible to be listed on the Club Information Form.  It is important to note that ineligible individuals should not participate in club activities as they are not covered by insurance.  


All athletes must register as a tryout player in MRS prior to stepping onto a court for a tryout. This is to ensure the athlete and parent/guardian have reviewed and signed off on the Waiver of Liability and the Rowans Law Concussion policy and education sheets, as mandated by law by the government of Ontario.

It is the responsibility of OVA Clubs to verify athlete OVA membership registration prior to athletes participating in tryouts.  

Club Leaders and Club Contacts MRS Town Hall – August 28th

There have been changes to the MRS system since the end of last season. To assist in understanding the changes, please watch the Town Hall dedicated to MRS.

On September 1st, or beyond, if you are having difficulty registering or adding members to your club, you can contact for assistance.

Town Halls

With a new season comes new information including updated policies, registration procedures, competition manuals, key dates and deadlines. OVA will be utilizing monthly Town Halls to go over information with its members as the season unfolds. Videos and Power Point presentations of the events will be posted here under Town Halls, once they are held. As well as schedule of upcoming Town Halls and links to register.

The last Town Hall was held on August 21st and touched on the major changes to policy, registration eligibility and key dates for the upcoming season. Full video of the August 21st Town Hall can be viewed here.

OVA Emails

Another avenue the OVA relies upon to get information out to Club Leaders and Members, is through E-Blasts and Newsletters.

When a member registers with the OVA, they are placed on the mailing list. Please do not unsubscribe from OVA emails as it is important that Club Leaders are made aware of the new information, so they can pass the up-to-date information down to members of their club.