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New GTA Volleyball App Embracing Tech to Grow Player Experience

By Ontario Volleyball Association, 08/13/23, 11:00AM EDT


A Toronto based volleyball community is using innovative technology to create better level of competition.

Javelin Sports Inc launched in January 2022 with a goal of connecting adults through the sport of volleyball. Javelin is a mobile app that helps people learn, play, and compete in volleyball. Through their app, they have quickly grown to include over 20,000 members, while hosting over 40 games per week throughout the GTA.

Embracing new tech is something Javelin prides themselves in, to push boundaries and bring the best volleyball experience to it’s users. Recently Javelin has adopted a new team ranking technology, gathering data from previous games to build ratings. This system will create a more level playing field by matching teams of similar skill, reducing mismatches, and increasing the overall player experience.

For more information about the rating system, it can be found here.

After very vocal requests from their users, Javelin started running tournaments this past January with positive athlete reviews pouring in about the event.

Javelin will be running another tournament later this month where they will fully debut the new team rating system.

The tournament runs August 26th, and athletes can sign up through their app. 

As an incentive to signing up, Javelin is currently offering a $15 promo to everyone who competes in their first Javelin-held tournament!

For more information about Javelin, head over to their website.