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Wave Schedules Posted for Record-Setting Ontario Championships

By Ontario Volleyball Association, 01/16/23, 9:45AM EST


The 2023 Ontario Championships  in the province's capital of Toronto will now be the largest edition of the event in OVA history. With registration closed, a total of 901 teams will be participating at the Enercare Centre in April across six days. 

The AM and PM wave schedules have been posted for the two Ontario Championships events.

Event 1

April 20-22, 2023
4v4 Boys/Co-Ed, 6v6 Boys, TLS Girls, 15U Girls, 15U Boys, 18U Girls, 18U Boys

Day 1 & 2 AM Wave
7:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Day 1 & 2 PM Wave
3:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
  • *4v4 Boys/Coed D1 (17 Teams)
  • TLS Girls D1 (32 Teams)
  • TLS Girls D2 (32 Teams)
  • 15U Girls D1 (32 Teams)
  • 15U Girls D2 (32 Teams)
  • 15U Boys D1 (45 Teams)
  • **18U Girls D1 (16 Teams)
  • **18U Boys D1 (16 Teams)
  • 18U Boys D2 (15 Teams)
  • 6v6 Boys D1 (25 Teams)
  • TLS Girls D3 (32 Teams)
  • TLS Girls D4 (32 Teams)
  • 15U Girls D3 (31 Teams)
  • 15U Girls D4 (28 Teams)
  • 18U Girls D2 (32 Teams)
  • 18U Girls D3 (31 Teams)

Day 3

All teams have the potential to start at 7:30 a.m.


* 4v4 Boys/Coed (April 21-22) & 4v4 Girls (April 23-24) are 2-day tournaments.

** 18U Girls D1 and 18UB D1T1 will play two best 3/5 matches on Day 2 and one best 3/5 on Day 3.

Event 2

April 23-25, 2023
4v4 Girls, 6v6 Girls, TLS Boys, 16U Girls, 16U Boys, 17U Girls, 17U Boys

Day 1 & 2 AM Wave
7:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Day 1 & 2 PM Wave

3:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

  • *4v4 Girls D1 (29 Teams)
  • 6v6 Girls D3 (28 Teams)
  • 6v6 Girls D4 (16 Teams)
  • TLS Boys D1 (35 Teams)
  • 16U Girls D1 (32 Teams)
  • 16U Girls D4 (16 Teams)
  • 17U Girls D1 (32 Teams)
  • 17U Boys D1 (38 Teams)
  • 6v6 Girls D1 (32 Teams)
  • 6v6 Girls D2 (32 Teams)
  • 16U Girls D2 (32 Teams)
  • 16U Girls D3 (31 Teams)
  • 16U Boys D1 (43 Teams)
  • 17U Girls D2 (32 Teams)
  • 17U Girls D3 (25 Teams)

Day 3

All teams have the potential to start at 7:30 a.m.


* 4v4 Boys/Coed (April 21-22) & 4v4 Girls (April 23-24) are 2-day tournaments.

Hotel Booking

Booking links to secure your teams' room blocks become live Tuesday, January 17 for Event 1 and Wednesday, January 18 for Event 2. Teams that are traveling an excess of 400km (one way) to Enercare Centre will have early access to book with links being emailed directly to the clubs.

Rooming list entry links will not be sent out until February 1, 2023. On the day the hotel bookings open, Clubs will receive their block confirmation email but NOT the rooming list entry link to send to parents. Rooming lists are due by 9:00 a.m. on February 22, 2023. 

Booking your hotel

Please follow these instructions to book your hotel rooms at Hudson Travel Group.

  1.  Click on the booking link.
  2. On the landing page, enter your email address. 
    a) If you are an existing HTG client, you will be automatically redirected to input the following information (Team Club/Group Name, Division/Category, Team Code).
    b) If you are NOT an existing HTG client, you will be automatically directed to input the following information: (First & Last Name, phone number, Team Club/Group Name, Division/Category, Team Code).
  3.  A Queue system will be in place during high volume booking requests only (opening day of registration and accommodation booking).
    a) Team will automatically be placed in the queue for booking.  During the queue process the preview link will be on the screen and live so as teams are booked the inventory and options are updated accordingly.
    b) A hotel booking link will be emailed to you as soon as your place comes up in the queue. (we advise that you continue to refresh your email). It could take up to 20 minutes to be processed through the queue depending on the volume at the time you have started the above process. 
  4. After you receive the email, click on “Login Directly” link of the email you received from” The link allows you to sign-in directly (your login information is contained in the link). 
  5. Choose your 1st hotel choice by clicking on the “bed” icon and input the number of rooms* & nights required. If you don’t need accommodation Thursday night, be sure to change the arrival date.  
    a) Also choose your 2nd - 5th alternate hotel choice to allow for faster turnaround time.
    b) Individual and parent room requirements should be included in your block.
    c) You can fill out the “comment” box for special requests/details.
    d) Click Submit.
    *If you require more than the maximum, please indicate this in the comments box at the time of your request. We will do our best to accommodate any additional requests based on a priority sequence once all teams are booked.
  6.  The page will change to the “Room Summary Request” On this screen, there will be a “book another team” button for any clubs that are booking multiple teams. (Repeat step 2a). Please note: you will need all unique team ID’s to book for a 2nd team for the same event weekend. 
  7.  Check your email. HTG will confirm 1st hotel choice, if this hotel is not available, we will automatically confirm them in one of their alternate hotel choices 2nd – 5th. 
    a) Team will receive the “hotel confirmation” email which indicates that their hotel is booked and confirmed.
    b) After the hotel has been confirmed, teams will be able to access their hotel booking through the “login directly” link attached to the Hotel Confirmation email. This will bring them to their own personal team “Dashboard” with all hotel information and rooming list access. Team Managers will also see the “Book Another Team” button within the dashboard.
    c) Team will receive another email with the “Rooming List Entry Link” that can be forwarded to any/all team members/parents to book and manage their individual room.


  1. For large room requests (multiple teams from the same club) our priority will be to keep all rooms in the same property. This means you may end up with any of your hotel selections from 1 to 5.  Our next priority will be to fit as many rooms in one hotel choice and the remaining in another one of your hotel choices.
  2. Individual Parent room bookings – Can also use the “Rooming List Entry Link” email that can be forwarded to you by the Team Manager. 

All of the information you need to know about 2023 Ontario Championships accommodations can be found on this webpage.