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Call for 2022 OVAtion Award Nominations

By Ontario Volleyball Association, 02/24/22, 11:15AM EST


The OVA is now accepting nominations for the 2022  OVAtion  Awards. We invite and encourage all registered OVA members to submit nominations for the Ontario Volleyball Service and Athlete Awards.

The deadline for nominations is Sunday, April  3, 2022.  

Each year the OVA honours individuals in the Ontario Volleyball community who have distinguished themselves by providing their time, effort, and support to the promotion and development of volleyball in the province. We are currently seeking nominations for recipients of the following awards:  

Scarborough Solars Award (2 Awards)

Awarded to two OVA-registered athletes (one male and one female) to assist their pursuit of their volleyball dreams, the Scarborough Solars Award recipients have – or have demonstrated the ability to - represented Ontario and/or Canada in international indoor or beach volleyball competitions. The awards will be no more than $1,000 or no less than $500 per athlete. 
Due Date: April  3, 2022

Diane Wood Special Achievement Award

The recipient of this Award is an individual who has made significant contributions to volleyball at the provincial level for 15 years or more. With a body of work dating back to the 1960’s, Diane Wood is the embodiment of a world-class volunteer. A player of 25-years, National Referee, Provincial Referee Chair and Club founder, she had worked tirelessly to develop the sport of volleyball in Ontario and help coordinate its showcase at the international level through her involvement on the organizing committee for the first FIVB beach volleyball event in Canada. 
Due Date: April 3, 2022

Achievement Award

The nominee of the Achievement Award must be an individual who has made significant strides within the sport of volleyball for over a minimum of 10 years. To be eligible for this Award, the individual must have received the OVA Recognition Award. 
Due Date: April 3, 2022

Recognition Award

The nominee of the Recognition Award honours those who has been involved in the development of volleyball at the club (beach or indoor) or regional or provincial level as an administrator (OVA committee work, Officials, or Coach development, etc.,) for 5 years or more. 
Due Date: April 3, 2022

Doug Robbie Volunteer of the Year Award (1 Award)

Presented to the individual who had a great impact on the promotion and development of volleyball for the OVA at the regional or provincial level in the past year.

History: Doug Robbie was OVA President (1976-1984), Treasurer, National Official, clinician, club coach, former Volunteer of the Year, served on the Region 5 Executive, Volleyball Canada President, and he was the Vice President of the NORCECA zone.
Due Date: April 3, 2022

Mike Bugarski Male Coach of the Year Award (1 Award)

Presented annually to an outstanding male coach for his success in the previous season and for his contribution to the development of our sport in Ontario. Named after the OVA Hall of Fame Inductee, Mike Bugarski (1936-1992) was a Club coach, National referee, Provincial Referee Chair, clinician, and high school Coach; a volunteer that unselfishly contributed thousands of hours to the development of athletes and leaders in the sport for more than two decades. 
Due Date: April 3, 2022 

Sandy Silver Female Coach of the Year (1 Award)

Presented annually to an outstanding female coach for her success in the previous season and for her contribution to the development of our sport in Ontario. Spanning over a 40-year career, Sandy Silver (1950-2019) was major contributor to female sports for reaching increased levels of funding, social advancement and acclaim. An accomplished coach, volunteer and mentor, Silver’s involvement in the Women’s National program and across various Ontario college and Canadian university programs has reaped no shortage of accolades. A Volleyball Canada Hall of Fame inductee, her legacy continues to inspire for the next generations. 
Due Date: April 3, 2022

Development Coach of the Year Award (2 Awards)

Presented annually to one outstanding OVA-registered male coach and one outstanding OVA-registered female coach for their history in developing junior athletes/ teams within the OVA and for their contributions to the development of the sport of volleyball in the province. 
Due Date: April 3, 2022

Community Engagement Award (1 Award)

The Community Engagement Award celebrates OVA members who are engaged in volunteer activities and make a real difference in their communities. Honouring the “everyday heroes”, the selfless contributions and initiatives created by OVA member volunteers in their communities are held up as examples of how OVA members can make a difference through volunteering. Though project/initiative scales may vary, the selection committee is looking for nominations that demonstrate meaningful impacts in the community in which OVA members play, learn and work. 
Due Date: April 3, 2022

Officials Award of Merit (1 Award)

Established in 1998 and presented by the Referee Committee in recognition of dedicated service to officiating in Ontario, the nominee must demonstrate dedication, skill, an affirmative attitude and be recognized by their peers as having a positive influence as a certified OVA Referee. 
Due Date: April 3, 2022

Sylvia Jaksetic Female Official of the Year Award (1 Award)

Presented annually to a female official who has had a great impact on the promotion and development of both officials and volleyball for the OVA at the regional, provincial, and/or national level. The Award’s namesake, Sylvia Jaksetic (1958 – 2012) was an exceptional National Volleyball Referee and International Beach Volleyball Referee with a profound passion for the sport. With more than 25 years of combined experience, she could be found refereeing in any province in Canada or on the international beaches of the FIVB World Volleyball Beach Tour. Off the stand, Jaksetic was a regional assignor, certified clinician, Quality Assurance Chair, and Regional and Provincial Referee Chair. A friend and mentor, when Jaksetic took the stand it was a presence of reassurance. 
Due Date: April 3, 2022

Save the Date!

The 2022 OVAtion Awards Banquet is scheduled for June 4, 2022 at Bingemans Catering and Conference Centre in Kitchener at 6:00 p.m.