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Request For Proposal: Anti-Racist Systems in Volleyball

By Ontario Volleyball Association, 02/10/22, 11:15AM EST


This request for proposal is for the print and production of visual communications for the Ontario Volleyball Association.

RFP sent: Wednesday, February 9, 2022
Responses due: Wednesday, February 23, 2022
Partner to be selected: Monday, March 15, 2022

Send proposals and/or any questions on the RFP to:
Kerish Maharaj Manager – Community Outreach & Grassroots (647-477-2942)

Ontario Volleyball Association Overview

Since 1929, the Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA) has been at the forefront of promoting, educating and ensuring the quality of the sport of volleyball in Ontario. As the official governing body for volleyball in the province, we are involved in every facet of the sport by offering programs at all levels for both indoor and beach volleyball. Over the years the game and sporting world has evolved and so too have the programs and services we offer, strongly reflecting our belief in “Volleyball for Life.”

Desired Partnership

The OVA is seeking a partner/consultant who specializes in reviewing, and identifying gaps in our policies, processes, education and other systems that may be barriers to inclusive and diverse participation in our sport.

As the exclusive partner/consultant of such items to the OVA, the partner would be expected to provide preferred pricing and value-added enhancements throughout the duration of the partnership.


A 3 year partnership term is desired (April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2025).

Estimated Spend

The OVA estimates a minimum spend of $15,000 in year 1 of the partnership, and at least $20,000 in year 2 and $5,000 in year 3.

Format for Proposal Any response to this request for proposal should include the following:

  • Company overview
  • Previous or current work in the non-profit, sport sector or related sectors.
  • Cost estimates for Items Required and Additional Preferences (details below).
  • Value-added bid enhancements (details below).
  • Desired partnership offerings from OVA (details below).
  • List of other partner organizations.
  • References (2-3)
  • Any distinctive competencies that differentiate your company from other proponents.
  • Any additional terms and conditions required for this partnership.
Items Required

A response to this RFP should include cost estimates for Items Required and Additional Preferences. Note that this list does not reflect any actual outcome required to be to fulfill the Estimated Spend.

Phase 1 - Board & Staff Level Operations

  • Review of existing policies and processes.
  • Are we within the law?
  • What works?
  • What needs to improve?
  • Who is liable for change?
  • Action plan – aligned with the OVA strategic plan.

Phase 2 – Departmental Systems Review

  • Coaching
  • High Performance
  • Competitions
  • Grassroots & Community Outreach
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Result and Recommendations for change.
  • Action plan aligned to yearly work plans.

Phase 3 – Membership

  • Providing support services and resources for OVA member clubs, athletes, coaches and administrators.
  • Communications/complaints review from club to OVA and back.
Value-added Bid Enhancements

Along with cost estimates for Items Required and Additional Preferences, please describe any additional value your company could provide the OVA as a partner. These enhancements may include, but are not limited to:

  • Minimum guaranteed discount on all orders.
  • Rebate incentives on annual spend.
  • Discounts for OVA members and clubs.
  • Rebates to OVA from member purchases.
  • Discounted graphic design services.
  • Convenient ordering processes.
OVA Offerings to Partner

In your proposal, please describe partnership offerings your company would desire from the OVA. These may include but are not limited to:

  • Listing on OVA website.
  • Promotional opportunities at OVA events.
  • Inclusion in communications to members.
  • Special product or sales offerings to OVA members.
  • Recommendations of your service to other Amateur Sport Organizations.
  • Presentation and promotion of your work at OVA conferences, symposiums and webinars.