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Roster Submissions & Team Photo Uploads for the 2022 Ontario Championships

By Ontario Volleyball Association, 02/08/22, 12:45PM EST


As we inch closer to the 2022 Ontario Championships and with the event registration closing on February 14, the OVA would like to remind clubs to submit their team rosters and photos for this year's Championships. All roster submissions and team photos will be collected directly in MRS.  Only individuals listed on the MRS roster will be permitted to sit on the bench/be on the court at Ontario Championships.

A Club Contact, Team Contact or Secondary Team contact can login to MRS to upload team photos and add the following information for each athlete:  

  • Jersey number,
  • Height, and
  • Position

Please ensure that all coaches, team staff and athletes that will be participating at OC’s are listed on your roster in MRS.

All of the rosters and team photos that are submitted via NRS will be published in the OVAChamps app and will be used at team check-in at the event.

If your team is playing at National Championships, your submitted roster via MRS is the roster that Volleyball Canada will be using at National Championships team check-in. Please ensure that everyone who is intending to participate in National Championships is listed on the MRS roster that will be used for OC’s.

The deadline to have the rosters updates and photos submitted is Monday, March 7 at 11:59 p.m.

How To Upload Your Team Photo and Edit Roster

  1. Login to MRS.  
  2. On your homepage, click on your team name under the “Teams” section.
  3. Ensure that your roster is correct (all coaching staff and athletes that will be participating in Ontario Championships are listed).
  4. Click “Edit Roster”.
  5. On the Edit roster page, all of the athletes' names are pre-populated – all you need to do is enter all required roster information.
  6. Click “Upload Team Photo”.  Select your photo and click “Open”.
  7. Once all information has been entered and you’ve uploaded your .jpeg file, hit save.
  8. That’s it, you are done!

Please note: If an athlete or coach is missing from your team, they will not show up on the “Edit Roster” page. Prior to editing your roster, click “Add Member” and enter the first and last name and select the member you want to add to your team. Once the roster is correct, then click “Edit Roster” and enter all required information and upload your team photo.