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Beach Ontario Championships: Weekend 2 results posted

By Ontario Volleyball, 08/31/21, 3:00PM EDT


The 2021 Beach Ontario Championships concluded with the second weekend of events at Ashbridges Bay. The two-day event saw the 12UG, 14U, 16U and Youth Open categories compete for the podium at the OVA's first provincial-level event since 2019.

The OVA would like to thank all of the beach crew, medical staff, referees and Ashbridges Bay for making the 2021 Beach Ontario Championships possible. It was a great return to beach volleyball and we hope all OVA members who participated in the Beach Tour and Ontario Championships had an amazing summer!

For full results of the first weekend events, please click the button below.

Beach Ontario Championships 2021: Medalists

Youth Open Male


Gold: R.Venning/S.Saldanha
Silver: M. Rugosi/C. Lash
Bronze: D.Kiswa/Y.Svidritskiy

Youth Open Female


Gold: E. Braticevic/O. Duong
Silver: A. Sheikh/T. Krapp
Bronze: C. Gignac/S. Theriault

16U Boys


Gold: J. Droppert/B. Paterson
Silver: S. Bourne/O. Pickering
Bronze: J. Svendsen/A. Kiriakou

16U Girls

Premier - Tier 1

Gold: J. Ellison/K. Drozd
Silver: C. Kok/M. McNabney
Bronze: M. Pelosi/O. Odigie

Premier - Tier 2

Gold: A. Logan/C. Akehurst
Silver: A. Bakk/B. Hobbin
Bronze: E. Theriault/S. O'Neil

Championship - Tier 1

Gold: S. Salyga/O. Odigie
Silver: A. Bruni/A. Tang
Bronze: A. Istratescu/A. Miller

Championship - Tier 2

Gold: K. Hall/A. Alfieri
Silver: A. Roberge/C. Hanna
Bronze: M. Hutchison/A. Shin

14U Boys


Gold: A. Droppert/T. Snider
Silver: C. Tang/Y. Elsayed
Bronze: M. Zhang/A. Sun

14U Girls

Premier - Tier 1

Gold: A. Lonardi/T. Wilson
Silver: A. Nastase/K. Appel
Bronze: T. Drozd/A. Kiriakou

Premier - Tier 2

Gold: A. Duong/M. Law-Heese
Silver: A. Di Cecca/A. Flack
Bronze: M. Hutchison/F. Hughes


Gold: C. Fan/S. Sun
Silver: I. Heywood/V. George
Bronze: A. Crowley/D. Henson

12U Girls


Gold: L. Horvath/A. Cheong
Silver: O. Mohadeb-Garfunkel/E. Shapero
Bronze: P. Denton/K. Hagerman

Images from the 2021 Beach Ontario Championships will be archived here. Click the link or scroll through the media slider below. Thank you to photographer Allan Fournier for the images!

Beach Ontario Championships 2021