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New Features Coming to the OVA Coach Academy

By Ontario Volleyball, 12/10/20, 5:15PM EST


Since the launch of the Coach Academy on October 26th, the platform has been growing in both membership and content and we want to continue offering our coaches new ways to learn from each other!

We are happy to announce three new features coming to the platform to help keep the OVA coaching community connected!

  • The OVA Learns Forum
  • Two new Resources sections
  • Contribute to the Coach Academy
OVA Coach Academy logo
OVA Learns Forum

The Forum is a new way for coaches to stay connected and learn from mentors with different levels of experience. Each week a new mentor coach will take over the Coach Academy Forum and will be at the helm for the entire week to answer any questions coaches have.

Make sure activate your academy profile, if you have not done so already to submit your questions to our mentors and receive feedback from some of Ontario’s most experienced coaches!

Coaches can activate their Academy accounts if they have not done so. Remember, you must be registered in the MRS to gain access. More information at

New Resources Sections Coming

Starting January 4th, the Coach Academy will have two new sections under resources that will focus on skills and drills. Videos on skill execution, cue reading and decision making will be its own category that will help coaches in need, and drills will be another lone category for coaches and teams at all levels.

Skills: Videos about the different volleyball skills and explanations about skill executions, cue reading and decision making will be made available.  Information about the specific technique and best practices for the skills will be discussed.

Drills: Videos, practice plans and templates for different drills for levels of competition using the different coaching methodology (methods 1-2-3-Simulated Play), variations, loading options, drill outcomes and success criteria. 

Contribute to the Coach Academy

Also beginning January 4th, all Coach Academy members will be able to contribute their own drills and any other content to the academy and share their ideas with other OVA coaches across Ontario. This is an opportunity for you to share that great coaching tip you once received with other Academy members.

Coaches interested in contributing resources must follow three simple steps before officially becoming a content contributor:

  1. Prepare your first post. Collect the links to the resources you would like to share or prepare the documents you want to upload. Gather the information you need for your post to have a title, a short description and a thumbnail image. Choose which section of the Coach Academy your post should go. 
  2. Review posting process with OVA staff – Send your post to Send all the information about your post including the title, description, and thumbnail image as well as any other links you may include in the post. An OVA staff member will be in touch with you to review the posting process and answer any questions you might have about the platform. Once this is done, we will activate the post function for your account in the Coach Academy.  
  3. Create and share unlimited posts - Once your first post has been reviewed, you can now post your first resource and you will be able to make other posts without having to go through Step 2 again. You will be a Coach Academy contributor!

Stay tuned and check out the Academy for some informative videos and guidelines that will walk you through the process of uploading resources and sharing your knowledge with others.

In the meantime you can submit your first post to us for review before January 4th and be one of the very first Academy contributors!

For more information on the guidelines and process, check out the graphics below:

How to Become an OVA Coach Academy Contributor

How to Become and OVA Coach Academy Contributor graphic

OVA Coach Academy Posting Standards & Guidelines

OVA Coach Academy Posting Standards & Guidelines

We are  excited and look forward to working together to make the Coach Academy the largest volleyball resource platform in Canada!

The Coach Academy is possible thanks to the support of the Government of Canada and the Canadian Red Cross.

Canadian Red Cross and Government of Canada logos