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Referees Staying Engaged

By OVA, 05/26/20, 1:00PM EDT


As we continue to stay at home during these unprecedented times, an opportunity arises for everyone to brush up on all thing’s volleyball!  Our sport will come back and when it does, we will need all hands-on deck, ready to officiate at OVA competitions and at the highest levels.  We have put together some resources for everyone to stay sharp and we hope that everyone will enjoy the information provided!

The Rules R
Hop onto the Rules R website to brush up on some of the rules for next season!

Coach Association of Canada’s Safe Sport Training
CAC’s Safe Sport Training will give you the tools to recognize, prevent and address maltreatment in sport.  It is everyone’s responsibility and it’s a free course!  It will also be mandatory for Volleyball Canada requirements to referee at National Championships starting in 2021.  


Let’s Talk Volleyball Rules

Our next Let’s Talk Volleyball Rules session will be Sunday, May 31, 7:45PM.  Join us on the call with Andrew Robb, Andy Cameron and Guy Bradbury to discuss questions from the volleyball community. 

Referee Engagement Centre

The Referee Engagement Centre is the OVA’s referee development platform and has many ways for you to stay engaged. 

  • Forum – post a volleyball question on our discussion forum
  • eActivity – 3 eLearning modules created by Volleyball Canada for volleyball referees’ development
    • Volleyball Foundations
    • Decision Making for Volleyball Referees
    • Skilled Interaction for Volleyball Referees                 
  • Resources – a collection of guidelines and rulebooks for your review and reference
  • Video Review – volleyball rules explained by FIVB’s very own announcer Clayton Lucas
  • Think You Know the Rules – a rules competition that takes place every Thursday

Volleyball Alberta’s Referee Symposium

Watch and listen as referees share how they prepare for the stand.  The videos are taken from Volleyball Alberta’s recent referee symposium in December 2019. 


Watch a Game! 

One of the best parts of refereeing is you always get a front-row seat, watching the game you love.  Sit back, relax and enjoy as you watch some volleyball and refereeing at the highest levels!  This is also a great way to practice your hand signals and see how different situations are managed.   Some of our favourite matches can be found at the links below:

Our favourite beach volleyball matches

Our favourite indoor volleyball matches