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Katerina Georgiadis Earns Prestigious Evelyn Holick Award for 2020

By Ontario Volleyball, 04/23/20, 10:30AM EDT


The Ontario Volleyball Association is pleased to announce Kat Georgiadis as the winner of the Association's most prestigious award for a youth female volleyball player in Ontario the Evelyn Holick award. This award is presented annually to a female youth division athlete in recognition of outstanding commitment, dedication to the sport of volleyball, leadership, sportsmanship and athletic ability, all characteristics of the award’s namesake.

Known for her relentless energy and passion on
and off of the court, Georgiadis, 18, has left her stamp not only on the volleyball court but also on the community. Aside from her notable athletic qualities that have seen her represent Team Ontario Elite and Canada’s Youth National Team, the soon-to-be Santa Clara University freshman, has left a legacy of giving back wherever she goes. As a member of her school’s Student’s Administrative Council and Athletic Council for the past two year, the Leaside Legacy libero was instrumental in raising funds and delivering the Terry Fox Run, assisting with her school’s athletic banquet and intramural programs, and being actively involved in the inclusion program designed to assist special needs student integrate into daily school life.

Away from school, Kat continues to be involved and has guest coached at various camps, clinics and symposiums, all while maintaining top level grades resulting in an early acceptance to university in California this fall.

“Kat leads by example. She was always the first one in the gym and the last one to leave,” said former coach and nominator Diahann Mahon. “She put in the work early on to enable her to be where she is today. She was always available to help anyone on the court of off and was always supportive to her teammates, no matter what the situation. If you asked people who know Kat, what they thought about her, you would be hard pressed to find someone who would have something negative to say about this charismatic young woman. On the court or on the bench, Kat is the kind of athlete a coach wants around to motivate and bring out the best in her teammates.”

Her enthusiasm for the sport of volleyball is summed up impeccably by her Principal and high school coach Anthony Hack, also a nominator.

“During a pre-season practice last year, a ball was shanked towards the back of the gym. Kat sprinted approximately 20 feet and dove to save the ball. Keep in mind that this was essentially a meaningless play that had no bearing on anything. She ended up sliding headfirst into a bench and the gym wall resulting in a big chipped tooth,” recalled Hack of his star pupil’s passion. “Kat is a player that will never give up, will always play full out, and has a passion for the game.” All qualities worthy of the award’s namesake.

Traditionally the Evelyn Holick award would be formally presented during the Ontario Championship but due to COVID-19, the award will be presented virtually.

To view the full interview with Kat, please click on the link below or visit the OVA’s YouTube page.
Video: Kat Georgiadis - Evelyn Holick Award Winner (2020)

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