skip navigation and Ontario Volleyball Association strike partnership for 2019-2020 season

By Ontario Volleyball, 12/06/19, 5:00PM EST


(Dec. 06, 2019) - The Ontario Volleyball Association is pleased to announce a new partnership with, a live match and tournament scoring application for the 2019-2020 regular season. The platform will provide tournament hosts a streamlined way to deliver live scoring and results to athletes, parents and fans alike while enhancing the tournament experience.

Designed with, event volunteers, parents, coaches and athletes in mind for an easier tournament experience, Darren Ervine’s Nimble Technology Solutions Inc., has filled a niche for volleyball tournament management, providing hosts an intuitive tool to create and manage their sanctioned OVA events. is a web-based application where hosts can easily upload tournament schedules, the public can access turn-by-turn directions and additional information. The platform is also capable of automatically generating results for hosts and parents can share through social media.

“We are very pleased to be the OVA’s preferred regular season results provider,” said the creator and engaged volleyball community member. “We believe our solution will enrich and grow the membership experience by simplifying the tournament experience for all members of the OVA.”

TIMU is not mandatory for hosts, and game sheets remain as the official source for results, but the use of the platform is encouraged. To find your next tournament, visit on your smartphone.

To assist in learning how to utilize an event, has provided “How-to” tutorials available on TIMU’s YouTube channel and provides clear instruction on how to log in and navigate the site among other pertinent topics of running the web-app.

How to create an OVA tournament (Part 1)
Tournament Director Login
Entering Scores (Part 1)
And more!


Here are some testimonials from TIMU users:

“Our volleyball club hosted several tournaments this past year and we had the privilege of having Darren Ervine and his tournament (web-app) to help us for each day. As the tournament organizer, it is my job to keep scores updated in real time for the benefit of coaches, players and spectators to ensure the tournament runs smoothly. The (web-app) was very helpful in accomplishing this goal. Utilizing the (web-app) was very easy, I was able to update scores literally right when games ended. The (web-app) automatically updated standings and future games based on results. It also summarizes the results for the day in an easy to read format for posting on the Ontario Volleyball Association website. Darren also brought screens to displays the scores at a few of our tournaments so those not interested in using the app could see the result in front of them. The other useful factor of this (web-app) is that the scores are available to those unable to attend the event. Darren was very professional; the app was easy to use and my experience as a tournament organizer was only positive for”.

– Tournament Host


“As a parent, it was a big surprise and a pleasure to see this (web-app) in action at one of our January tournaments in Burlington.  This was such an appealing display of the tournament scores and brackets compared to the hand-drawn charts, and the updates were managed quickly.  We also appreciated being able to view score updates on our own handheld devices instead of having to leave the stands in the middle of a game to go find out a different score.  This is clearly the future of tournament management and I look forward to seeing more of the (web-app) this coming season.”

– Parent


“ is a very well-designed system that is both technically accessible and simple to use. The bandwidth-friendly updates mean that organizers can focus on updating and displaying scores for interested parents and supporters, without costly delays and waiting for connectivity.

We were able to quickly establish a tournament and were confident that people would be able to update scores with confidence. Darren provided super technical support and helped us integrate the ticker into our web site. We look forward to more use of and working together to help add new features that are interesting to our club.”

 – Webmaster