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2020 Edmonton Nationals Revenue Neutral Travel - A Message from the OVA Officials Committee

By Ontario Volleyball, 09/18/19, 3:45PM EDT



Applications for the Revenue Netural Travel program for the 2020 National Championships in Edmonton, Alberta. The event will consist of two separate three-day tournaments attached to the May long weekend. Teams from 14U to adults will be competing for their respective National Championships. This event, as did the one in 2018, will provide extraordinary opportunities for growth for referees. Regardless of level, a new Level 1 Referee or an experienced Level 4 or 5 Referee, I guarantee that you will come away from this event a better referee.

As the OVA Officials’ Executive Committee, we have to ensure that referees of all levels in Ontario have the opportunity to take advantage of this opportunity. The next one will probably be in three to five years. Traditionally, our budget only allows for the travel of about three referees in addition to our Level 4 Candidates. The decisions on who we send have been based on the limited present and near-future upgrade opportunities. The Revenue Neutral used in 2018 was a great success.

The program is referred to as “Revenue Neutral Travel”. The premise of the program is that a referee taking part in Revenue Neutral Travel would travel to Edmonton, be housed, receive their meal allowance but would not receive match fees. The match fees would be used to offset air travel.

This means that for every person travelling under the old model, we could send three. Our hope is to send about 30 referees.

By refereeing all six days, you would receive the match fees not required to cover your airfare. Until we know the precise funding from Volleyball Canada and the Regions, exact amounts cannot be calculated. 

Our next step is to identify those referees who wish to take part in. It is important to realize that there will be opportunities for all levels of officials (levels 1 through 5) in Edmonton.

I hope to attend as many Kick-off Meetings as possible and answer any questions that you might have. The Edmonton Event should be a huge growth event for all.

Please email the attached application to me at

Click here to fill out the application.

On behalf of the OVA Officials’ Committee,

Bob Rocque