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OVA partners with Eat This for Performance

By OVA, 08/08/19, 11:15AM EDT


The OVA is excited to announce its partnership with Eat This for Performance. Eat This for Performance is now the nutrition program that High Performance programs will be using for Team Ontario athletes. We recommend that any athletes, clubs, teams, families, etc. that are interested in a sport nutrition program or plan, contact Eat This for Performance.

Sports nutrition is the #1 most impactful performance enhancer. The athlete who eats better gets better results. This does not mean supplements or diets. This means following performance eating.

When you eat for performance you can expect:

1. More consistent and energized athletic performance

2. Faster injury and illness recovery 

3. Supported mental health, resulting in better focus and attention and ability to handle stress in and out of sport 

The problem with integrating nutrition is the cost and time it can take. Knowledge retention is usually low with in-person sessions for youth and follow-ups do not occur. The #1 benefit of the online sports nutrition program that we outline is that it can be watched anytime, anywhere and follow up is easy. You do not have to worry about booking a venue or whether people will be able to come.

Until recently, elite level and pro athletes were the only ones getting one-on-one services with highly trained sports dietitians. Now your younger athletes can get access to the same information tailored to them. In the attached document you will be walked through

1. The 3 levels of sports nutrition programs you can have access to

2. The price-points for families VS teams VS partner clubs

3. Proof that this program works!

Your club can have access to a time-effective, impactful sports nutrition program unlike any other. However, you need to sign up to take advantage of this program! 


Book a time with Eat This for Performance using an online calendar:

Directly email Pearle:



Pearle Nerenberg, Registered Sports Dietitian

Pearle Nerenberg is the founder and visionary behind the break-out sports nutrition brand Eat This for Performance. Her vision of high performance nutrition being simple and easy to implement starts with 4 skills everyone can master. Pearle believes everyone will live a much more energized life once they begin to eat for performance. Complex sports science can be boiled down to a few key concepts.  Pearle is a unique sports dietitian who uses her advanced training by the International Olympic Committee, McGill University and Cornell University to both teach and empower her athletes. Pearle is easily able to connect with her athletic community as a former NCAA D1 College athlete and a current mom of 2 active kids!