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High Performance Athlete Identification Results

By Ontario Volleyball Association, 05/02/19, 3:00PM EDT


The OVA High Performance Athlete identification process was completed last weekend with the last Ontario Championship event and the results are now available.

Since the beginning of January, 20 evaluators completed more than 900 player evaluations in more than 50 OVA indoor youth competition events. This was a 20% increase in the number of athletes that took part in the process this year.

Athletes who registered for the High Performance Athlete Identification process were looked at by one of our coaches in a game context. They were evaluated based on the OVA High Performance Athlete Identification Matrix, which sets standards of performance for athletes at different stages of their development.


The two (2) goals of this evaluation process were:

  • Provide each athlete with meaningful feedback on their skills to help them address their development moving forward
  • Select the athletes who will take part of the following programs
    • Team Ontario White (direct invite)
    • High Performance Centre (direct invite)
    • Team Ontario Red (selection through HPC)
    • Team Ontario Black (selection at Team O Black tryout)


We are proud to say we have achieved both goals with success and that the results have been made available to all athletes. Every athlete who registered for an evaluation was sent their Evaluation Report by email using the address provided in the registration form (this may be a different address than the one used with NRS)

The email includes:

  • a PDF of the Evaluation Report
  • the 2019 Athlete Feedback Matrix that you can use to interpret the scores
  • the decision regarding an invitation to a HP program or not

The emails were sent as of Thursday May 2nd, 2019 in the afternoon. Please check ALL your email accounts AND your Junk Mail folders before emailing us about not receiving your results.

The OVA high performance staff would like to thank all the athletes who took part in the process. We wish all of you a great off-season and we look forward to see you on the courts again next year

About the Identification Process


The scores and the comments included in your Evaluation Report should provide you with valuable feedback to guide you with your future development in volleyball. Please note that due to the high number of players involved, we will not comment on the scores or provide any additional feedback to evaluated athletes.



All players have been evaluated in reference to the performance standards for their age group and this will be reflected in the feedback they receive. Athletes who exceeded the standards for their own age group were also considered for the older age group’s programs.



Registered players were evaluated at the position they were playing when they were seen by the Team Ontario coaches. All players may be considered at a different position based on the evaluation that was made. Elite players often compete at different positions throughout their whole career and they are elite players because they can excel at multiple positions.