Once you have completed the online theory session, it is then time to complete the rest of your certification at a practical tournament that includes a 4-hour in-class session.  Candidates will also have to complete the online theory and the exam before attending. 

Emphasis at the Clinics:

  • Technical and human skill required
  • Knowledge, interpretation and application of all rules
  • Use of referees’ equipment and working tools
  • Operating procedures and mechanisms of refereeing
  • Game procedures and protocol

Clinic Materials and Requirements

The OVA will provide:

  • Fully qualified clinician(s)
  • Online learning theory and online exam
  • Theory and practical critiques and feedback
  • Volleyball Canada rulebooks 
  • Local badges and sanction cards will only be awarded to successful candidates upon completion of both theory and practical sessions, and registration with Ontario Volleyball

You should bring:

  • To the Theory Session, candidates should bring a pen/pencil, notepaper and lunch or dinner, if the clinic runs during these times
  • To the Practical Session, candidates should wear a uniform [navy golf-style shirt, navy blue pants (not jeans), running shoes] and bring a referee’s whistle, pen/pencil, a coin and their rulebook