Ottawa Tourism

We are incredibly grateful for Ottawa Tourism and their generous support for our 2023/24 Provincial Cup events at the EY Centre this November! More information on what else you can do while in town can be found on the OVA's Ottawa Tourism Microsite by clicking here.

Flash Your Badge Program
While you are in Ottawa, check out some of the local tours and sites through the Flash Your Badge Program.  The Flash Your Badge Program grants tournament participants and a guest access to discounts and special offers at participating attractions, tours, and restaurants. There is no registration required to utilize this program – delegates can simply present their badge at participating retailers to receive the advertised discount.  Reservations may be required. 
Check out the PDF's below for a full list of participating attractions and find out where you can Flash Your Badge! 

As there are no tournament lanyards, please print off or show this Stand Alone Badge to take advantage of this great offer from Ottawa Tourism:

Check out our microsite on the Ottawa Tourism website for more information on things to do during your time in the City of Ottawa!

EY Centre - Weekend Summary

  • November 10th – Traditional single day tournament format
    • Friday 12pm – 9pm
      • 16UG (4 single day events)– Trillium White D, Trillium Green G, H & I
      • 18UG (2 single day events) – Championship D & Trillium E
      • 16UB (1 single day event) – Trillium E
      • 18UB (1 single day event) – Trillium D
      • The rest of the 16UB, 16UG, 18UB & 18UG team slips have been posted and can be found HERE
  • November 11th – November 12th (Fall Classic 2-day events)
    • Saturday (8:30am – 5pm) & Sunday (8:00am – 4:00pm)
    • 16UG/18UG – Top 24 teams – will break out into Premier/Select brackets on Day 2
    • 16UB/18UB – Top 18 teams – will break out into Premier/Championship brackets on Day 2

Provincial Cup/Fall Classic Team Splits

16UG - Provincial Cup/Fall Classic Splits can be found HERE

18UG - Provincial Cup/Fall Classic Splits can be found HERE

16UB - Provincial Cup/Fall Classic Splits can be found HERE

18UB - Provincial Cup/Fall Classic Splits can be found HERE 


Facility Map

Map of the EY Centre in Ottawa with Volleyball Court Numbers

Tournament Schedules & Online Results

Friday - Single Day Events
The single day Friday events will follow the standard 9 teams  on 3  courts.  All results will be posted on

Saturday/Sunday - Fall Classic (2-day)

The 16UG, 18UG, 16UB & 18UB 2-day schedules/results will be found online at Advanced Event Systems.  

Please click here for the final tournament schedules and live results for the EY Centre Fall Classic Events: AES (posted 1 week prior to the event)

To Find Your Schedule:

1. Search "Fall Classic" in the search bar to access the "16U Girls, 18U Girls, 16U Boys & 18U Boys tournament schedules and results. 

2. Click on the "Schedule posted" orange button to access each division. 

Although all 2-day event schedules and results are posted online at AES,  here are the schedule formats/brackets that will be used for each age group. Please follow AES for the most up to date schedules. 

Remembrance Day 1 Minute Moment of Silence

At 11:00am on Saturday November 11th, a 1 minute moment of silence will be observed across the entire venue. 

- Refs will not start a new rally after 10:59am
- Players may line up at the attack lines
- Refs will blow their whistle at 11:00am starting the moment of silence
- Refs will blow their whistle at 11:01am ending the moment of silence and resuming play

Fly to Ottawa!

Looking for an alternative to driving to Ottawa for this year's Fall Classic? We are thrilled to be able to be partnering with both Air Canada and WestJet to help you save on your flight! Please see below for the applicable discount codes: 

Air Canada: Use the code "GC9RF6H1" to receive 5% off standard fares or 10% off flex fares or higher.

WestJet: Use the code "4I7Q3EA" to receive 5% off standard fares or 10% off premier fares.


Playing on Sport Court Rule

The playing area includes the playing court and the free zone. Each team must play within its designated playing area.

Sport Court: The area beyond the edge of the sport court is designated as a non-playing zone. Therefore, the last point of contact prior to contact with the ball must be on the sport court and the player must always play the ball on the sport court tile.

  1. One foot on the sport court, one foot on the cement while playing the ball = play is whistled dead;
  2. Jump in the air, play the ball, and land off the sport court = play is whistled dead;
  3. Leave the playing area and step on a chair and play the ball = play is whistled dead;
  4. Play the ball on the sport court, the momentum of the athletes carries them off the court = play continues.

Any service action must be initiated with at least one foot in contact with the Sport Court.

These rules are in place to minimize the risk to the athletes.

Team Check-In

There is no  official team check-in. Teams can arrive whenever they like and can enter through any door. 

Friday November 10th - Facility doors open at 11:00am
Saturday November 11th  - Facility doors open at 7:30am
Sunday November 12th - Facility doors open at 7:00am


Daily parking rate of $10.

Please note, if you will require in-and-out privileges while at the EY Centre, please take your parking ticket to the EY Centre front admin office where they can exchange your parking ticket for an in-and-out parking pass at no additional charge.

Please click the logo below for a direct link to parking information and associated fees. 

Food Services

Food Services Concession Stand Hours
Friday – 11:00am-8:30pm 
Saturday – 7:30am-5:30pm
Sunday – 7:00am-4:00pm

Team Food Pre-Order Options

The EY Centre will be offering Pre-Order Lunches! This great way to beat the line and plan ahead!  Orders should be submitted 7 days before the event.  Click the order form below (Will be posted closer to the event) and follow the  directions on how to submit an order. 

Lunchroom space is set up in Meeting Rooms B, C  & D at the EY Centre. Tables are not reserved. Please respect the space and remove personal belongings so all teams have a table to eat at. 

Remember: No outside coolers are allowed. No buffet-style set ups allowed. Athletes are permitted to bring in brown-bagged lunch options.  No food delivery permitted to be consumed inside the convention centre. 


Unfortunately, due to permitting issues beyond our control, Canuck Stuff  and SixPack Sports Recruiting   are unable to be on-site as planned.

We understand the disappointment this may have caused and want to express our gratitude for your understanding and patience as we navigated through this situation. Permitting issues are always a possibility when hosting events of this magnitude, and while the OVA and the Vendors took every precaution to ensure a smooth experience, some factors were out of our control.

We're taking steps to prevent such issues in the future and your feedback is invaluable in helping us improve our operations. Your support is what makes our events successful, and we appreciate your continued trust.

SixPack Sports Recruiting will still have an information booth on site with valuable information and contact information. This booth will remain unmanned as required by the venue and the City of Ottawa Bylaw.

Ontario Volleyball Info Booth                        Opening Hours: TBD

Come chat with us and dive into the world of provincial volleyball with Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA)! We can't wait to share our passion for the sport with parents, clubs, and coaches.

Visit our booth to discover how OVA is dedicated to providing a nurturing, safe, development and competitive environment for young athletes. Whether you're a parent seeking the best opportunities for your child, a club looking to enhance your programs, or a coach striving to take your team to new heights, or looking to volunteer on one of our committees, the OVA is your partner in volleyball excellence.

Our experienced team will be on hand to discuss our programs for young athletes, share insights into club development, and offer coaching resources that can transform teams into champions. Join us at the event, and let's work together to empower the next generation of volleyball athletes, clubs, and coaches.

Facility Rules

  • Crock pots, hot plates, coolers and “buffet tables” are not allowed to be set up and used in any of the facilities. Teams are allowed to bring “brown bag” lunches into all facilities.  Participants are encouraged to use the public spaces outside of the playing areas and designated “cafeteria” to feed their teams. If they are bringing coolers – please do not bring them into the competition venues.  Remember to always clean up after yourselves.  
  • Tables in the designated eating areas are not reserved table space. After your team has finished eating, please remove your belongings. Unattended bags that are left on tables without team’s present will be moved off to create space for other teams. Please be considerate of the space at EY Centre, as well as other teams.  
  •  The OVA, the City of Ottawa and the EY Convention Centre are not responsible for lost or stolen personal items.  Remember to always take your personal belongings with you and do not leave anything unattended. Any found items will be placed in the lost and found.
  • Please ensure your teams are not blocking any walking spaces by leaving their bags or team equipment in open spaces.   
  • Warm up areas are located in Hall 1 and in Hall 4
  • There is no warming up in the hallways . No volleyballs are allowed anywhere except on the playing courts. If a volleyball hits an overhead sprinkler, the alarm will sound, and the entire facility will need to be evacuated and play will be suspended until the fire department gives OVA staff the approval to re-enter the building.  Please use the designated warm up areas indicated above.  
  • As coaches and chaperones, we ask that you please supervise your athletes on and off the court to make it the most enjoyable experience for everyone. 
  • As with most sporting events, spectators should enter at their own risk as volleyballs may leave the playing area at any time and may hit spectators. The Ontario Volleyball Association is not responsible for spectator injury incurred while watching volleyball matches.  
  • The use of any type of noise makers (cowbells, air horns, drums, whistles, etc) is prohibited. Spectators will be asked to refrain from using these devices. If they continue to use them, they will be confiscated.  
  • Only authorized photographers employed by the OVA are allowed on the playing area, sport court, or stand between courts due to liability reasons. Parents and/or spectators are not allowed to be in the playing area, on the sport court, or standing between the courts to take photographs. If they are found to be in violation of this rule, they will be asked to leave immediately. If parents/spectators disregard this rule multiple times, they will be asked to leave the venue by OVA Staff, Facility staff, the Head Official, Area Supervisors or the working referees.  

Hotel Booking Information - HTG Contact (Jane Gravel:

Hudson Travel Group (HTG)  is excited to be partnering with the OVA for the 2023-2024 regular season convention centre weekends. HTG  has secured hotel blocks at the hotels closest to each convention centre and throughout the city and look forward to working with your team to secure your room needs. Please be assured that they have worked to secure the lowest room rates possible in these hotel blocks. If you find a lower rate online, please let them know so they can address it with the hotels. 

Please ensure your hotel bookings go directly through Hudson Travel Group vs the hotels directly for the OVA to obtain the best possible rates for the event.

Tuesday October 10th at 10:00am
Teams travelling 550+km (one-way) will have early access to hotels. Link will be emailed to team contact ahead of time. 

Tuesday October 10th at 12:00pm
- Hotel booking links will be made public to all teams below

Hotel Preview Link 

Hotel Booking Link 

Why Do I need to Book Through HTG?
The event expenses such as the convention center, shipping of equipment, officials, staff, and tournament coordinators who manage the event all roll up into the team registration fee. The participants renting hotel rooms within the group block all count towards lowering the cost of producing the event, especially related to the cost of the convention center. Organizations like the OVA need to show as many room nights as possible in their block which keeps costs lower and allows the Association to tap into tourism funding, all of which in turn help keep team registration entry fees as low as possible. Hotel contracts have provisions to provide the best rates possible based on a specific volume but the hotels need to see more guest rooms utilized for this all to work.

The OVA strives to prove its size and value for every event and takes its historical data to negotiate lower overall costs at the convention center and hotels. The OVA signs contracts for each event that specifies attendance and the number of hotel rooms needed for participants. This, in turn, is used to drive costs down for everyone and allows the OVA to access major event funding grants from Tourism Boards.  If we don't have these "heads in beds" stats, these events are not possible to deliver due to cost restrictions. 

Having a good history of “heads in beds” also helps to negotiate items such as complimentary or reduced parking, breakfast specials, and complimentary rooms to help house the staff and officials that support the event.

In the long run, the best way to keep your costs lower as a club director or a parent is to support the organization running the tournament.  Is it a perfect situation – no it is not. But the OVA is committed to providing the best overall experience for participating athletes and their parents.

Please note: hotel rooming lists are due by 12pm on Friday October 13th
How to Submit a Rooming List

After the hotel has been confirmed, teams will be able to access their hotel booking through the “login directly” link attached to the Hotel Confirmation email. This will bring them to their own personal team “Dashboard” with all hotel information and rooming list access. Team Managers will also see the “Book Another Team” button within the dashboard

Teams will receive another email with the “Rooming List Entry Link” that can be forwarded to any/all team members/parents to book and manage their individual room.

  1. Under My Events, Select the Event, Select the Team Name you want to add the rooming list to
  2. Click on “Your Confirmation” button in the middle of the screen. A new page will open.
  3. Click on “Rooming List”.  At this point, you can enter your rooming list, one room at a time.
  4. Click on one of your names and new window will pop open
  5. Click on Modify
  6. Replace your contact details with the name of one athlete that is in that room
  7. Enter your credit card details
  8. To add remaining guests to room, please enter their names in the special comment box.
  9. Click Save and Close
  10. Window will close
  11. Repeat process for other rooms

Stay to Play Policy (UPDATED FOR 2023/24 SEASON)

All travelling teams (125kms+/one way) are required to book hotel rooms through Hudson Travel Group (HTG Sports) to be eligible to play in the EY Centre or Niagara Falls Convention Centre 2-day tournaments. This policy is used to assist in actualizing the room night requirements for the OVA to receive discounted facility rentals as well as obtain grants through host cities to be able to afford large facility rentals. Without Stay to Play, the OVA would not be able to obtain rentals for large facilities across Ontario.

  • The Clubs city centre will be used to determine kms to the venue.
  • Teams participating in single day Convention Centre events or any teams less then 125km away are not required to stay in a hotel but if they choose to stay in a hotel then they must book through HTG
  • Teams located 550+km away will receive early access to hotel booking for the EY Centre 2-day events .
  • The chart below identifies the number of required rooms per night for all travelling teams (125kms+/one way)  for 2-day events  at the EY Centre or Niagara Falls Convention Centre to satisfy the Stay to Play policy. 

 Ontario Championships - 2 Day Event (4v4) or
2 Day Convention Centre Events

Number of Athletes on Roster

Minimum # of Rooms

Minimum # of Nights/room

6 or less (4v4 Teams Only)













Ontario Volleyball offers exemptions from the Stay to Play policy for individuals. Exemptions will be awarded on a first come first serve basis per individual and must be made before the application deadline.  An exemption will not be given to a team member if it places their team below the minimum number of rooms stated above.

The following exemptions are allowed but must be verified as explained below. All exemption must be sent through the form stack. Please click HERE for a link to the form.

  • USING POINTS FOR A FREE STAY - If you have enough points to redeem them for an entirely FREE stay, you qualify for the exemption. Please fill out the form stack link above to receive approval prior to booking your stay through the hotel directly and please make sure to list the athletes name(s) on your exemption form. Please note that just ‘receiving points’ for staying at a hotel does not qualify for an exemption. You must be redeeming for an entire free stay.  This does not exempt the entire team. Just the person and their family that are applying for the exemption through point redemption.
  • STAYING WITH A FAMILY MEMBER - If you are staying with a family member that lives in the same host city, you qualify for an exemption. An address must be provided on the exemption form. All mileage will be calculated using google maps.  This does not exempt the entire team. This exempts the athlete or team staff (i.e. coach) and their immediate family that is staying with the family member
  • TEAM IS IN CLOSE PROXIMITY - If your team is within 125 kms from the venue, you are not required to stay in a hotel. The location of the club’s registered address in MRS will be used in validating mileage. Proximity exemptions will be pre-determined, and an application form does not need to be submitted.  If you are under 125kms from the venue and choose to stay over, you must book through HTG to ensure “heads in beds” are recorded for the Sport Tourism Board.