Niagara Falls Convention Centre - Weekend Summary

  • The 18U B/G Grand Prix Qualifier 2-day events will be taking place on the Saturday and Sunday. The remaining courts will be utilized for a few of the traditional single day tournaments that are taking place throughout the weekend. The breakdown for the weekend will look like this:
    • February 9th (11am – 8pm)
      • 15UG Championship B
      • 15UG Trillium White D
      • 18UG Championship A
      • 18UG Trillium B
    • February 10th (9am – 6pm)
      • 15UG Premier
      • 18UG Select A
    • February 11th (8am – 5pm)
      • 18UB Championship A
      • 18UB Trillium A
    • Feb 10th – 11th (2-day)
      • 18U B/G Grand Prix Qualifier ’s (top 12 ranked teams)

Team Splits

15UG - McGregor Cup Team Splits are posted HERE

18UG - Grand Prix Qualifier (2-day) /Furlani Cup Splits are posted HERE

18UB - Grand Prix Qualifier (2-day) /Furlani Cup Splits are posted HERE


Tournament Schedules & Online Results

Single Day Events
The single day events will follow the standard 9 team  on 3  court schedules.  All results will be posted on

18UB/G Grand Prix Qualifier (2-day)

The Grand Prix Qualifier schedules/results will be found online at Advanced Event Systems LOCATED HERE

Food Services

Food Services Concession Stand Hours
Friday – TBD
Saturday – TBD
Sunday – TBD

Maximize your NFCC experience by securing your team's pre-order for some delicious food! Just a friendly reminder that outside food or coolers are not permitted in the Convention Centre. 

Team Pre-Order form can be found below. The majority of items found on the pre-order menu can also be purchased at the venue on the day of your event. 

Team Food Pre-Order Deadline - Monday February 5th at 5pm

There are water re-fill stations in NFCC

Facility Rules

NFCC has a strict no outside food or coolers (hard & soft) policy:

  • Please note, venue security will be lenient on personal snacks for athletes.
  • No Coolers (hard or soft) are allowed of any kind and will be turned away at the venue entrance.

Playing on Sport Court Rule

The playing area includes the playing court and the free zone. Each team must play within its designated playing area.

Sport Court: The area beyond the edge of the sport court is designated as a non-playing zone. Therefore, the last point of contact prior to contact with the ball must be on the sport court and the player must always play the ball on the sport court tile.

  1. One foot on the sport court, one foot on the cement while playing the ball = play is whistled dead;
  2. Jump in the air, play the ball, and land off the sport court = play is whistled dead;
  3. Leave the playing area and step on a chair and play the ball = play is whistled dead;
  4. Play the ball on the sport court, the momentum of the athletes carries them off the court = play continues.

Any service action must be initiated with at least one foot in contact with the Sport Court.

These rules are in place to minimize the risk to the athletes.

Team Check-In

There is no  official team check-in. Teams can arrive whenever they like and can enter through any door. 

Friday February 9th - Facility doors open at 10:00am
Saturday February 10th  - Facility doors open at 8:00am
Sunday February 11th - Facility doors open at 7:00am

Map of the Niagara Falls Convention Centre


Paid parking available for $15 per vehicle. No in and out privileges are permitted.

Hotel Booking Links

Hudson Travel Group (HTG)  is excited to be partnering with OVA for the 2023-2024 Regular season convention centre weekends. HTG  has secured hotel blocks at the hotels closest to each convention centre and they look forward to working with your team to secure your room needs. Please be assured that they have worked to secure the lowest room rates possible in these hotel blocks. If you find a lower rate online, please let them know so they can address it with the hotels. 

If your team is booking accommodations, it must be through Hudson Travel Group to qualify for the Stay to Play policy for this event. 

To preview rooms for accommodations, please click on this link.

To book rooms, please click on this link.   For information on hotel booking deadline, please contact Cathy at

NOTE: Hotel booking is now live. 

If you have issues while completing the booking process or require additional space, please contact Carrie Lynn Bonavia at

How to Submit a Rooming List

After the hotel has been confirmed, teams will be able to access their hotel booking through the “login directly” link attached to the Hotel Confirmation email. This will bring them to their own personal team “Dashboard” with all hotel information and rooming list access. Team Managers will also see the “Book Another Team” button within the dashboard

Teams will receive another email with the “Rooming List Entry Link” that can be forwarded to any/all team members/parents to book and manage their individual room.

Under My Events, Select the Event, Select the Team Name you want to add the rooming list to

Click on “Your Confirmation” button in the middle of the screen. A new page will open.

Click on “Rooming List”.  At this point, you can enter your rooming list, one room at a time.

Click on one of your names and new window will pop open

Click on Modify

Replace your contact details with the name of one athlete that is in that room

Enter your credit card details

To add remaining guests to room, please enter their names in the special comment box.

Click Save and Close

Window will close

Repeat process for other rooms

Stay to Play Policy (Upated for 2023-2024 Season)

All travelling teams (125kms+/one way) are required to book hotel rooms through Hudson Travel Group (HTG Sports) to be eligible to play in the EY Centre or Niagara Falls Convention Centre 2-day tournaments. This policy is used to assist in actualizing the room night requirements for the OVA to receive discounted facility rentals as well as obtain grants through host cities to be able to afford large facility rentals.  Without Stay to Play, the OVA would not be able to obtain rentals for large facilities across Ontario.

  • All travelling teams (125kms+/one way) are required to book hotel rooms through Hudson Travel Group (HTG Sports) to be eligible to play in the 2-day tournament.
    • The Clubs city centre will be used to determine kms to the venue.
  • Teams participating in single day Convention Centre events or any teams less then 125km away are not required to stay in a hotel but if they choose to stay in a hotel then they must book through HTG
  • The chart below identifies the number of required rooms per night for all travelling teams (125kms+/one way)  for 2-day events  at the EY Centre or Niagara Falls Convention Centre to satisfy the Stay to Play policy. 

 Ontario Championships - 2 Day Event (4v4) or
2 Day Convention Centre Events

Number of Athletes on Roster

Minimum # of Rooms

Minimum # of Nights/room

6 or less (4v4 Teams Only)













Ontario Volleyball offers exemptions from the Stay to Play policy for individuals. Exemptions will be awarded on a first come first serve basis per individual and must be made before the application deadline.  An exemption will not be given to a team member if it places their team below the minimum number of rooms stated above.

The following exemptions are allowed but must be verified as explained below. All exemption must be sent through the form stack. Please click HERE (Coming soon) for a link to the form.

  • USING POINTS FOR A FREE STAY - If you have enough points to redeem them for an entirely FREE stay, you qualify for the exemption. Please fill out the form stack link above to receive approval prior to booking your stay through the hotel directly and please make sure to list the athletes name(s) on your exemption form. Please note that just ‘receiving points’ for staying at a hotel does not qualify for an exemption. You must be redeeming for an entire free stay.  This does not exempt the entire team. Just the person and their family that are applying for the exemption through point redemption.
  • STAYING WITH A FAMILY MEMBER - If you are staying with a family member that lives in the same host city, you qualify for an exemption. An address must be provided on the exemption form. All mileage will be calculated using google maps.  This does not exempt the entire team. This exempts the athlete or team staff (i.e. coach) and their immediate family that is staying with the family member
  • TEAM IS IN CLOSE PROXIMITY - If your team is within 125 kms from the venue, you are not required to stay in a hotel. The location of the club’s registered address in MRS will be used in validating mileage. Proximity exemptions will be pre-determined, and an application form does not need to be submitted.  If you are under 125kms from the venue and choose to stay over, you must book through HTG to ensure “heads in beds” are recorded for the Sport Tourism Board.