Why a focus on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is important

The goal for each OVA member, affiliate, team, club or league should be to become an organization where diversity, equity and inclusion are a fundamental part of their values and culture.

Diversity brings together various life experiences and perspectives. This adds significant value to a community by presenting the opportunity to learn new skills, provide new ways of thinking and gain new knowledge.

Equity is the quality of being fair and impartial. When this exists, it ensures everyone understands what to expect in terms of consequences and rewards, they each have equal access to opportunities and they are each given what they specifically need in order to be successful.

Inclusion means all are welcomed regardless of a person’s attributes or characteristics. This type of positive environment allows for each individual to feel a sense of belonging and it supports a more collaborative community.

By prioritizing and fostering diversity, equity and inclusion within your organization, you will reap the rewards of a variety in thought, improved creativity and increased productivity. To add, diversity, equity and inclusion will lead to a better global understanding and you will gain more dynamic insights to your community.

Below are some support resources that we have developed to assist you in creating a more inclusive culture in your organization: 

  1. A 4 Step Approach to DE&I Implementation
  2. Creating a DE&I Statement