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High Performance Centre

The HPC is an 8-day development camp focused on introducing a larger group of athletes to a high performance training environment.

Team Ontario Red coaches will be leading a variety of sessions with the athletes to help them develop their skills. Athletes will be presented with concepts relative to the university and international levels in order for them to better understand the steps they need to take in order to achieve their high performance goals. On the last days of HPC, athletes will be split into teams for a competition. The selection for the Team Ontario RED program will be made at the end of the HPC.


  • December 7th - February 7th: Registration to Athlete Identification Process
  • January 12th - April 30th: Athlete Identification Process
  • May 15th: Invitations to HPC sent to selected athletes
  • July 6th - 13th: HPC occurs at Nipissing University in North Bay


  • Boys: min 40 athletes
  • Girls: min 50 athletes

*the number of boys and girls is different to reflect the reality of volleyball participation in Ontario


  • Athletes must be born in September 2002 or later. 
  • Older athletes could be selected based on their physical and skill developmental level.


  • Athletes are identified during the Identification Process (register here!)
  • Invitation only
  • Athletes must register to the High Performance Athlete Identification Process
  • Team Ontario RED athletes are selected at the end of HPC.