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Hall of Fame

The Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA) Hall of Fame honours the individuals and teams who have had a significant impact on volleyball in Ontario. Inductees exemplify the best in the history of the sport in our province.

Any person or team who has achieved an outstanding standard of excellence through their contributions in volleyball is eligible for nomination as an honoured member of the Ontario Volleyball Hall of Fame in one of the following categories:

  • Athlete
  • Team
  • Coach
  • Referee
  • Builder
  • Furlani Legend

The OVA Hall of Fame was established in 2018.

Hall of Fame Inductees

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Name Category Induction Class
Marjory Shedd Athlete 2018
Modris Zulps Athlete 2018
Arvo Tiidus Builder 2018
Bill Seto Builder 2018
Bruce Stafford Builder 2018
Chris Lawson Builder 2018
Frank & Rozika Sulatycki Builder 2018
Jane & Vaughn Peckham Builder 2018
John Nelson Builder 2018
Jos Nederveen & Nancy Costura Builder 2018
Kit Lefroy Builder 2018
Marg Holman Builder 2018
Paul & Shelley Brownstein Builder 2018
John & Val Long Builder 2018
Don McGregor Coach 2018
Evelyn Holick Coach 2018
Anton Furlani Furlani Legend 2018
Barry Mutrie Furlani Legend 2018
Brenda Willis Furlani Legend 2018
Dave Carey Furlani Legend 2018
Diane Wood Furlani Legend 2018
Doug Robbie Furlani Legend 2018
Kristine Drakich Furlani Legend 2018
Paul Brownstein Furlani Legend 2018
Walter Stochansky Referee 2018
1953 Toronto Central Y Estonians Team 2018
1967 Team Ontario Girls Team 2018
Diane Ratnik-Cooper Athlete 2019
Janis Vilmanis Athlete 2019
Mike Bugarski Builder 2019
Pat Davis Builder 2019
Fran Wigston Coach 2019
Merv Mosher Coach 2019
Keith Wasylik Furlani Legend 2019
Sylvia Jaksetic Referee 2019
John Child & Mark Heese Team 2019
Paul Gratton Athlete 2021
Julie Andruchiw Athlete 2021
Regyna Armonas Athlete 2021
Peter Stefaniuk Athlete 2021
Viiu Kanep Athlete 2021
Cookie Leach Coach 2021
Donna Gallagher Coach 2021
John Warfe Coach 2021
Stan Marchut Coach 2021
Hamilton YMCA Men (1960) Team 2021
Toronto Kalev Women (1958) Team 2021
Bev Burrows Referee 2021
Al Diehl Referee 2021
Christine Craig Builder 2021
Mary Lyons Builder 2021
Robert 'Bob' Wright Builder 2021
Dave Tweedly Furlani Legend 2021
Dr. R. Jack Brooke Furlani Legend 2021
Orest Stanko Furlani Legend 2021
Sylvie Bigras Furlani Legend 2021
Therese Quigley Furlani Legend 2021