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  • Feb
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18U Girls Furlani Cup / 2-day (12 Team) Grand Prix Qualifier
  • All Day, February 9th, 2019

18U Girls Grand Prix Qualifier (2-Day)

Host: Queen's University

Participating Teams: (12)

1 Halton Hurricanes Black
2 Storm Avalanche
3 Halton Hurricanes Black 17U
4 Pakmen
5 Leaside Red
6 Titans
7 LVC Fire Intensity
8 Defensa
9 Maverick Broncos
10 Phoenix Fury
11 MVC Everest
12 Smash Phoenix

Tournament Info


Street & Queen’s surface Lot parking are free nights & weekends, underground parking garage is located off of Division st & is charged hourly or daily.


The Cross Roads (Cafeteria area) is the best place for the teams to meet or congregate, as the 2nd level ARC South doesn’t offer much space outside of the gyms.

Please see PDF below for food options at Queen's along with the their operating hours.


THE Queen’s ARC is located at 284 Earl st the phone number to call for customer service is 613-533-2664

There is a Full Campus Map below along with a PDF for specific directions to the athletic facility. 

Winter Boots

please leave your winter boots OUTSIDE the gyms. They are notorious for tracking in salt, sand & snow. By leaving the boots outside the gym or studio this helps to keep the gym floor clear of slippery water and/or destructive salt & dirt.

Please wear indoor shoes in the gyms and studios and do not store your boots around the perimeter in the out of bounds lines, as this still allows them to drip water or disperse salt & sand in into the gym.

Queen's Athletic and Recreation Centre

Host Contact

Ryan Ratushniak

Grand Prix Qualifier Results

1 Leaside Red
2 Halton Hurricanes Black 17U
3 MVC Everest
4 Halton Hurricanes Black
5 LVC Fire Intensity
5 Maverick Broncos
7 Pakmen
7 Defensa
9 Titans
9 Phoenix Fury
11 Storm Avalanche
11 Smash Phoenix

18U Girls Furlani Cup - Championship A 

Host: Forest City Volleyball Club

Participating Teams: (8)

1 South County Bandits Teal
2 Pakmen 17U
3 Storm Blizzard
4 Sky Volley
5 Forest City Green 17U
6 Chatham Ballhawks 17U
7 Scorpions Venom
8 Stratford Stingers

*This is now an 8 team event, please see updated schedule below*

Carling Heights

Host Contact

Patti Pumputis

Championship A Results

1 Forest City Green 17U
2 Storm Blizzard
3 Pakmen 17U
4 Scorpions Venom
5 South County Bandits Teal
6 Stratford Stingers
7 Sky Volley
7 Chatham Ballhawks 17U

18U Girls Furlani Cup - Championship B

Host: Brock University

Participating Teams: (9)

1 Niagara Rapids Legend 17U
2 Preds Purple
3 Niagara Rapids Legend
4 MVC Kilamanjaro
5 Georgian Cubs
6 Barrie Elites HP 17U
7 Georgetown Impact
8 Smash Ice
9 E381 KikiD

Tournament Info

Please Remember

  • Doors Open at 8am
  • “Hungry Badger” dining available  - including Pita Pit, Pizza Pizza, Tim Horton’s, Smoothies, etc.
  • Parking on Campus
  • Please NO electric cooking appliances
  • Respect Facilities:  no rearranging of furniture
  • No outdoor footwear in the gyms
  • Ball play is restricted to the booked gyms
  • Spectator seating area is limited

Host Contact

Brent Schulz

Championship B Results

1 Niagara Rapids Legend 17U
2 Niagara Rapids Legend
3 Preds Purple
4 Georgian Cubs
5 MVC Kilamanjaro
5 E381 KikiD
7 Barrie Elites HP 17U
7 Smash Ice
9 Georgetown Impact

18U Girls Furlani Cup - Championship C

Host: Durham Attack

Participating Teams: (9)

1 Reach Prime
2 Maverick Gold Rush
3 Durham Rebels Elite
4 Thundercats
5 Vision Volleyball
6 Durham Attack Vision
7 Durham Attack Crimson
8 Ottawa Phoenix
9 Peterborough Thunder

Tournament Info

Please Remember

  • The facility does not allow crockpots

Maxwell Heights

Host Contact

Janet Cairns

Championship C Results

1 Vision Volleyball
2 Maverick Gold Rush
3 Reach Prime
4 Thundercats
5 Durham Rebels Elite
5 Durham Attack Crimson
7 Durham Attack Vision
7 Peterborough Thunder
9 Ottawa Phoenix

18U Girls Furlani Cup - Trillium A

Host: South County

Participating Teams: (9)

1 Oakville Thunder Blue
2 Forest City Green
3 Waterloo Tigers Black
4 Waterdown Raiders Mayhem
5 South County Bandits Black
6 Guelph Jr. Gryphons Black
7 Twin Bridges Thunder
8 Chatham Ballhawks
9 Toronto West 17U

Tournament Info

  1. Spectators need to bring their own chairs
  2. Host will supply scorekeepers for all matches. Teams will supply their own line person
  3.  Cafeteria (with microwave)  is available with tables for each team
  4. No crock pots allowed 
  5. Recommended Hotel: Hampton Inn and Suites (1840 Huron Church Rd, Windsor ON, N9C 2L5)  Phone #519-972-0770 (Main) or 519-967-2012 (Office). Ask for Raquel Rankin and the volleyball rate to get a discount 

LaJeunesse High School

Host Contact

Bernie Diesbourg

Trillium A Results

1 Oakville Thunder Blue
2 Waterdown Raiders Mayhem
3 Forest City Green
4 South County Bandits Black
5 Waterloo Tigers Black
5 Twin Bridges Thunder
7 Jr. Gryphons - Talons
7 Toronto West 17U
9 Chatham Ballhawks

18U Girls Furlani Cup - Trillium B

Host: Simcoe Xtreme

Participating Teams: (9)

1 Redline
2 Niagara Rapids Summit
3 Toronto West
4 Niagara Fury
5 Milton Edge
6 Lakeside Aquila
7 Simcoe Xtreme
8 Waterloo Tigers Red
9 Niagara Rapids Rival

Tournament Info

Please Remember: 






Host Contact

Stan Goch

Trillium B Results

1 Redline
2 Toronto West
3 Niagara Rapids Summit
4 Milton Edge
5 Niagara Fury
5 Lakeside Aquila
7 Niagara Rapids Rival
7 Simcoe Xtreme
9 Waterloo Tigers Red

18U Girls Furlani Cup - Trillium C

Host: Outtahand

Participating Teams: (9)

1 Storm Ice
2 Leaside White
3 Markham Wildcats Tigers
4 Peel Selects 
5 Phoenix Surge
6 Clarington Grizzlies
7 Evolution
8 EVP Eagles
9 Lindsay Invasion

Tournament Info

Please Remember:

  1. Doors open at 8:15 am
  2. Use the entrance at the back of the school only (North side of the building)
  3. No crockpots/ slow cookers etc
  4. No food or drink in the gym
  5. No outdoor shoes in the gym, this goes for coaches and parents too
  6. Bring your own gym friendly chair as seating is limited
  7. No ball playing outside the gym

St. Brother André Catholic High School

Host Contact

Mike Wakayama

Trillium C Results

1 Leaside White
2 Phoenix Surge
3 Storm Ice
4 Markham Wildcats Tigers
5 Peel Selects 
5 Lindsay Invasion
7 Clarington Grizzlies
7 EVP Eagles
9 Evolution

18U Girls Furlani Cup - Trillium D

Host: Georgian Cubs

Participating Teams: (9)

1 Orillia Suns Prominence
2 North Bay Lakers
3 Orillia Suns Eclipse
4 Georgian Cubs Terror
5 Northern Chill
6 Barrie Elites HP
7 Collingwood Black Diamonds
8 Georgian Cubs White
9 Georgian Cubs Red

Tournament Info

Please Remember:

  • No electric appliances allowed
  • Cafeteria only available till 4:30

St. Joan of ARC

Host Contact

Reg Jang

Trillium D Results

1 Orillia Suns Prominence
2 Georgian Cubs Terror
3 Collingwood Black Diamonds
4 Northern Chill
5 Barrie Elites HP
5 Georgian Cubs Red
7 Orillia Suns Eclipse
7 Georgian Cubs White
9 North Bay Lakers

18U Girls Furlani Cup - Trillium E

Host: Ottawa Maverick

Participating Teams: (9)

1 Maverick Colts
2 Durham Rebels Rampage
3 Reach Affinity
4 Waves Blue
5 Markham Thunder VC
6 Kingston VC Red
7 Ottawa Valley Vikings Marauders
8 Ottawa Fusion
9 Cornwall Vikings Valhalla

Tournament Info

Please Remember

  • Main entrance at the back of the school, plenty of parking at the back. No side entry to be used.
  • Large atrium at the back of the school where teams will be able to set up.
  • Plug-ins are allowed and microwaves available.
  • No food or drinks in the gym

Mer Bleue Catholic College

Host Contact

Sally Spack

Trillium E Results

1 Markham Thunder VC
2 Reach Affinity
3 Kingston VC Red
4 Ottawa Fusion
5 Maverick Colts
5 Durham Rebels Rampage
7 Waves Blue
7 Ottawa Valley Vikings Marauders
9 Cornwall Vikings Valhalla

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