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16U Boys Challenge Cup
  • All Day, January 19th, 2019

16U Boys Premier - Challenge Cup

Host: Jean Augustine Secondary School Athletics

Participating Teams: (9)

1 Maverick Longhorns
2 Storm Lightning
3 Niagara Rapids Legend
4 Venom Vipers
5 Guelph Jr. Gryphons
6 Leaside Thunder
7 Forest City Green
8 Toronto West Golden Eagles
9 Preds Purple

Tournament Info

  • Entrance at south doors/ back of the school
  • Lines and Scorekeepers will be provided by the Host
  • No electrical appliances in the hallway
  • No ball handling in the hallway

Jean Augustine Secondary School

Division Contact

Thomas Leca

Premier Results

1 Maverick Longhorns
2 Forest City Green
3 Storm Lightning
4 Venom Vipers
5 Jr. Gryphons - Flight
5 Leaside Thunder
7 Preds Purple
7 Toronto West Golden Eagles
9 Niagara Rapids Legend

16U Boys Championship - Challenge Cup

Host: Outtahand

Participating Teams: (9)

1 Sky Volley
2 Ottawa Fusion
3 MAC Platinum
4 Barrie Elites HP
5 Maverick Bulls
6 Durham Attack Voltage
7 Preds Ubuntu
8 Stratford Cobras
9 Pakmen Gold 15U

Please Remember:

  1. Doors open at 8:15 am
  2. Use the entrance at the back of the school only (North side of the building)
  3. No crockpots/ slow cookers etc
  4. No food or drink in the gym
  5. No outdoor shoes in the gym, this goes for coaches and parents too
  6. Bring your own gym friendly chair as seating is limited
  7. No ball playing outside the gym

St. Brother André Catholic High School

Host Contact

Mike Wakayama

Championship Results

1 MAC Platinum
2 Pakmen Gold 15U
3 Maverick Bulls
4 Barrie Elites HP
5 Preds Ubuntu
5 Sky Volley
7 Ottawa Fusion
7 Stratford Cobras
9 Durham Attack Voltage

16U Boys Trillium A - Challenge Cup

Host: Waterloo Tigers

Participating Teams: (8)

1 Waterloo Tigers Force
2 Pakmen Red
3 London Sharks Great Whites
4 EVP Eagles
5 LVC Fire Power
6 Sky Volley 15U
7 Pakmen Red 15U
8 Waterloo Tigers Black

Tournament Info

Please Remember:

  • No crockpots / slow cookers / electrical appliances.
  • No ball playing outside the gym area and no wandering in areas that have been blocked off.

Re: Hotels:

  • Please contact Sarah Currie (Group Sales Manager) at to receive exclusive rates at the Crown Plaza Hotel & Resorts at 105 King Street East in Kitchener Ontario.

Jacob Hespeler

Host Contact

John Nelson

Trillium A Results

1 Waterloo Tigers Force
2 Pakmen Red
3 London Sharks Great Whites
4 MAC Steel
5 Pakmen Red 15U
5 Sky Volley 15U
7 EVP Eagles
7 LVC Fire Power
9 Waterloo Tigers Black

16U Boys Trillium B - Challenge Cup

Host: Milton Edge

Participating Teams: (9)

1 Pakmen Black 15U
2 Chatham Ballhawks
3 Milton Edge Razors
4 Thundercats Legacy
5 Markham Unity East 
6 Markham Revolution Rogue
7 Barrie Elites Black
8 Northern Chill
9 Venom Black Mambas

Tournament Info

  • Enter Velodrome through Community Entrance at lower level
  • Spectator seating access is on 3rd floor 
  • No plug-ins/crockpots/slow cookers
  • There will be hot concessions available (pizza, baked goods, coffee, tea)
  • No outdoor shoes on the gym surface
  • STRICT NO BALL policy outside the gym surface. Danger to cycling track.

Host Contact

Jacqueline Tsiapalis

Trillium B Results

1 Chatham Ballhawks
2 Pakmen Black 15U
3 Thundercats Legacy
4 Venom Black Mambas
5 Markham Unity East 
5 Milton Edge Razors
7 Northern Chill
7 Markham Revolution ROGUES
9 Barrie Elites Black

16U Boys Trillium C - Challenge Cup

Host: Storm

Participating Teams: (9)

1 Peterborough Thunderbolts
2 Titans Centurion
3 North Bay Lakers
4 Reach Rage
5 Markham Revolution
6 Ottawa Fusion Ian
7 Barrie Elites
8 Durham Rebels Giants
9 Evolution
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Uxbridge Secondary School

Division Contact

Mike Jones

Trillium C Results

1 Barrie Elites
2 Peterborough Thunderbolts
3 Reach Rage
4 Titans Centurion
5 Durham Rebels Giants
5 North Bay Lakers
7 Markham Revolution
7 Ottawa Fusion Ian
9 Evolution

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