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  • Jan
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17U Boys Challenge Cup
  • All Day, January 12th, 2019

17U Boys Premier - Challenge Cup

Host: Maverick

Participating Teams: (9)

1 Pakmen
2 Forest City Green
3 Maverick Rangers
4 REACH Havoc
5 Niagara Rapids Legend
6 Titans Uprising
7 Géants 
8 Pakmen Gold
9 Markham Revolution REVS
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Guelph Gryphons Athletics Centre (Guelph Universtiy)

Location: 50 Stone Rd E, Guelph, ON N1G 2W1

This address is for the entire University. Please look at the map below for the location of the Events Centre.

Division Contact

Tammy St-Denis

Premier Results

1 REACH Havoc
2 Maverick Rangers
3 Pakmen
4 Géants 
5 Pakmen Gold
5 Titans Uprising
7 Forest City Green
7 Niagara Rapids Legend
9 Markham Revolution REVS

17U Boys Championship A - Challenge Cup

Host: Niagara College

Participating Teams: (9)

1 Preds Purple
2 Oakville Thunder
3 Niagara Rapids Legend 16U
4 Pakmen Black
5 SKY Volley
6 MAC Iron
7 EVP Eagles
8 Preds Black
9 SKY Volley 16U 

Tournament Info

Please Remember:

  • No portable electronic food cookers on campus
  • Absolutely no food, coffee, soft drink or any sport drinks allowed in the gym
  • Parking is free on weekends and evenings.

Host Contact

Ray Sarkis

Championship A Results

1 SKY Volley
2 Preds Purple
3 Niagara Rapids Legend 16U
4 Pakmen Black
5 SKY Volley 16U
5 Oakville Thunder
7 EVP Eagles
7 Preds Black
9 MAC Iron

17U Boys Championship B - Challenge Cup

Host: Outtahand

Participating Teams: (9)

1 Storm Voltage
2 Waves Blue
3 Kingston Volleyball Club
4 Toronto West Golden Eagles
5 Leaside
6 Phoenix Firestorm
7 Maverick Bulls
8 E381 White Eagles A
9 Waterloo Tigers Force

Tournament Info

Please Remember

  1. Doors open at 8:15 am
  2. No crockpots/ slow cookers etc
  3. No food or drink in the gym
  4. No outdoor shoes in the gym, this goes foe coaches and parents too
  5. Bring your own gym friendly chair as seating is limited
  6. No ball playing outside the gym

St. Elizabeth Catholic HS

Host Contact

Mike Wakayama

Championship B Results

1 Storm Voltage
2 Leaside Thunder
3 Maverick Bulls
4 Waves Blue
5 Toronto West Golden Eagles
5 Phoenix Firestorm
7 Waterloo Tigers Force
7 Kingston Volleyball Club
9 E381 White Eagles A

17U Boys Championship C - Challenge Cup

Host: Markham Wildcats

Participating Teams: (12)

1 LVC Fire Rage
2 Maverick Longhorns
3 Barrie Elites HP
4 London Sharks Great Whites
5 Waves White 
6 Pegasus
7 Peterborough Thunder
8 REACH Rage
9 Forest City Green 16U
10 Northern Chill 
11 Voyageurs
12 Pakmen Red

- ONLY WATER in the gym, no other drinks like coffee to Gatorade
- NO Winter shoes in the gym, only gym shoes

Lunch Room:
- Limited tables, Convenor/Staff can assign tables at their discretion
- Lunch room will be open at 8am and will be CLOSED at 3pm, all foods must be cleared at this time
- No Crockpots or any plug ins

Division Contact

Peter Khang

Championship C Results

1 Maverick Longhorns
2 Voyageurs
3 Barrie Elites HP
4 Pegasus
5 Forest City Green 16U
5 Pakmen Red
7 London Sharks Great Whites
7 Waves White 
9 REACH Rage
9 Northern Chill 
11 LVC Fire Rage
11 Peterborough Thunder

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